Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Kid Just Cracks Me Up!

Oh, Tuesday.  Not close enough to the end of the week at all, not at all.  *sigh*  

Just a quick post for today.   This past weekend we spent some time with new friends we met through Buggy's school.  Miss Kayla is a few months younger than Bug and the two of them have grown quite fond of each other.  We spent Sunday afternoon at her house with her parents - it's so nice to watch the girls play and create memories while getting to know her parents too.   I love meeting other mama's that I can talk so easily too!

{kayla & buggy posing with their babies}

On to some Buggysims! 

The kid just never ceases to crack me up. 

- One day last week as we were driving home from school we passed a bicyclist riding on the side of the road (and let's please not get me started on bikers and their incessant need to ride IN the road, and NOT move for cars - i mean the last time i checked roads were made for cars so these bikers can at least have the decency to watch for the cars driving on them, i mean you don't own the road, i share with you, you should do the same).  Ok slight rant, back on track now. The biker was wearing only gym shorts and no shirt (another thing that drives me INSANE but i'll stay on track this time!) So Buggy says 'Mommy, why is he wearing panties only?'  I couldn't help but crack up!

-Another thing that happens while we are in the car is her bossiness over the radio and what songs are to be played and what songs are not to be played.  For a while we went through a phase where NO songs sung by a 'boy' were allowed to be played, see those songs aren't for girls according to the Bug, and we could only listen to songs sung by 'girls.'  Now we are just on to listening to whichever song BUGGY wants.  My opinion means nada.  And sometimes if there is a commercial on with a jingle and I switch, you'd think I posed a war - she is NOT having it.  I will hear from the backseat of the car through gritted teeth - 'I DO NOT like this song, turn it back!' She's lucky she's so doggone cute!

-The Bug knows what she wants.  And recently this has been to have her pant legs rolled up - no matter what pants she may be wearing.  Over the summer I have rolled her pant legs to convert them to capris (I do this with my pants sometimes too) and I guess she liked that.  So yesterday she wore the 'ugly pants' (black stretchy pants that are like sweat pants only slightly cuter, but not much) and HAD to have them rolled up.  And again it's one of those battles I chose not to fight and just let her roll them.  The pic below is from this morning - at least I got her to only roll them once! Ha.

{yea so this morning she had a bowl of M&M's for breakfast - i know i won't win any mom of the year awards for this but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get out of the house on time!}

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