Monday, September 17, 2012

A Bit of the Odd & Interesting

Have you seen this?

It's water.  And if you look even closer you can see that it's black water. I was lured in by the cool looking bottle and the cool abbreviation for the word black (yes i am easily enticed by the little things.)  But see I thought the bottle was black.  But it's not.  Nope - it's the water itself that is black.  Don't believe me?  Check this out.

Yep black water.  Seems like you'd be pouring a pop or something.  But then you take a sip and it's nice and refreshing, good old H2O.  The bottle says 'Alaline Fulvic Trace Mineral Infused Water.'  I don't know what that means.  Or why it's black.  I was merely intrigued by it so I had to try for myself.  And how cool that there is a secret message in the bottle itself - look closely - it's says 'Enjoy the Dark Side.'  I mean, ya gotta admit, that's pretty cool.

Now something else that is cool is this little doo hickey I found at Toys R' Us over the weekend.

It's a float maker.  You put a scoop of ice cream in the little ice cream cup and then pour your favorite float drink in a cup (or you could use a soda can if you had one) and then sip through the straw and VOILA - instant ice cream float.  Pretty ingenious I think.  The best part of this little invention?  It was only .60 cents!  Yes Bug and I both got one, just for fun, and since it works really well I think it was well worth the $1.20!  :O) 

I had hoped to show you a cute picture of the Bug in her jammies at school today - it's PJ day today and all the kids this morning were so cute.  Bug however had a different idea for her outfit today - regular clothes.  She asks at least twice a week if she can wear her jammies to school so go figure on the day that she actually CAN she doesn't want to.  Ha.  She is most definitely a piece of work.

One quick Buggyism for today.  A recent thing that makes me smile.  When asked if she wants to do something instead of a simple yes or no she will say 'hmmmm, probably no' or 'hmmm, probably yes.'

Hope your Monday has been great! 4 more days to the weekend!

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  1. Fun post! I love random stuff from this - just your normal every day. :) I need to see you soon!!!