Monday, September 10, 2012

Rockin' the Random

Is it ever really a happy Monday? I say not.  I'm just not a Monday person.  I do better  on Tuesdays for whatever reason.  So here's a happy little blog to help me push through the fact that it is Monday.  Not too much going on aside from some pink ice cream party birthday details for the upcoming big #3 for Buggy.  She's so excited! Which brings me to some Buggyism's that have this mama cracking up these days:

-after saying something and probably checking to see if you were really paying attention - "do you understand?" (i also say this to her when telling her things she needs to do or listen to me about)

-at random times - "I need to tell you something."  She'll then proceed to tell you exactly that - something - my favorite is when she says it and then it's followed by "I love you."

- I sometimes say to her "If you behave here you can do this" to get her to pay attention to what she is doing and realize if she can behave through this thing she doesn't really want to do she can do something she really does want to do later.  Then I'll say "Do we have a deal?"  So now she goes around saying "it's not a deal" just to say it.  Occasionally she'll say it in content to something but most times not.  Too cute!

- The other day in the car on the way to school she sneezed and afterwards said "that'll get the boogers out!"  I mean really?  Where DOES she come from?!

- She seems to be more appreciative of food these days.  She has always been a really good eater and will try anything at least once but lately after taking a bite of something she'll say "this is good________" and it's been smoothie, carrots, chicken, cookie, whatever she may be eating. 

I haven't given a potty update in a while either.  Not intentionally it has just sort of slipped my mind because, well, she's TRAINED!  She hasn't had any accidents in weeks and always tells us when she needs to go.  She's even to the point now of just going on her own, handing all the business 'by her big self.' She's still doing a pull up at night JUST.IN.CASE. but 9 times out of 10 she wakes up dry!  Go Buggy!!

{went to IKEA this past weekend with our fav girls and these 2 made themselves right at home, posing in various locations! i love how Soph is poking her sweet little face between Bug's arm in this one}

{found some awesome clearance at the Disney store - here's the girls checking out their new cameras - they've definitely been bitten by the 'shutter bug' just like their mommy's!}

{just cracks my butt up. hanging out in her new flops (no backs, she's moving up & another great clearance deal at the Disney store) without a care in the world!}

And to random.  my co-worker Tracey got a video sent to her about how to easily separate an egg yolk from the white.  The video was in Japanese so we had no idea what it said but it looked pretty easy.  So we tried for ourselves.  Check it out.  I think I'll be using this method for sure!

{hello, how easy was that!?}

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