Friday, December 21, 2012

A Simple Mind

A large box arrived at the house yesterday from Grandma Kim full of presents and packing peanuts.  Oh the joy of packing peanuts right!?  But when I looked at the packaging for the packing peanuts I saw that to dispose of you were to disintegrate in water.  Well being the skeptic I am I wasn't too sure about that.  Experiment time!  I loaded up the sink with the little goodies and sprayed them down.  Check it out!!

{Bye bye packing peanuts!}

Thoroughly impressed was I so I had to share with all of you!  And yes this was more exciting to me than the box full of gifts - I'm so easily amused!

Some quick Buggyism's:

* While getting ready to check out at Aldi last week - 'Mommy I don't want go home, I wanna shake my booty!'

*  She now knows days of the week.  She knows if she behaves all week I will take her to Sheetz (oh glorious Sheetz) on Friday morning for some goodies.  So last night on the way home she says 'I wanna go to Sheetz tomorrow, but I have to be good and listen and not fight and not have a tantrum!'  Now if only those things happened ALL the time!

*Finding Dobby our Elf on the Shelf is ever entertaining.  He's been a little rotten at times this year and Bug gets a kick out of yelling at him when he does.  (I've snapped pictures of all his appearances and will share after Christmas)

*She's been talking a lot about sweating lately.  She always wants to run with me when I go running and has shown great interest in working out in the garage.  (and I'll DEF take that).  She says that she works out so she can sweat, cutest thing ever.  She told me yesterday then went to play 'soccer ball' and she was sweating because it was a good work out!  Haha, gotta love it!

Merry Christmas All!!

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