Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lack of a Visual

i ran out of picture space on my blog.  how does this happen?  i didn't even know it could happen.  well i supposed i did i just never imagined it WOULD happen!  but i suppose it has been almost 2 years since i started the blog and well we all know how much i LOVE pictures.  so i'm in the process of trying to figure out a solution to my no more picture space dilemma.  in the meantime this blog will be picutre-less, but hopefully not totally boring!!

there have been lots of fun things going on since my last post.  most of which you will probably find a lot more entertaining if i had pictures.  so i will save those things for when i figure out that little situation.  i had to share a wuick buggyism that had me cracking up.  i'm not sure how it will come across in type but when she said it in person i just could not contain myself.

-i had been texting lilly's mommy about something and she mentioned that lilly had convinced them to go to feeney's - you know, the BEST fro yo place around - and i said to the bug 'hey lilly is at your favorite place, feeneys!'  she replies 'oh she must have wanted to go to feeney's - like me.  everyday.'  cracks my butt up.  just so matter of fact that she wants to go there everyday.  the girl is ridiculous. 

i've also been extremely impressed with her memory lately.  she can recall things from so long ago - some things that i don't even really remember.  she's impressive when she busts out her smart little brain power.  we are into week 3 of her new classroom and so far things are going very well.  she comes home most everyday with a new worksheet of exercises.  i really like that this class is more 'school' oriented.  and very glad she's doing so well with it!   

so for now that will be all.  i'll work on this whole lack of picture thing.

have a great tuesday!

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