Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Emma, Emma and More Emma

Seems like a while since I've posted about the happenings of Miss Emma.  So here's some pictures and tidbits of what's been going on the last couple of weeks in Emma's World!

Her new favorite word is 'uh-oh' and she'll say it now BEFORE anything happens to warrant the uh-oh.  She's completely my daughter - always putting things back where they belong!  I LOVE it!  Shawn just thinks he'll have another OCD woman on his hands - yup he will! :)  She's learning to catch, throw and kick her soccer ball and she now has this cute little 'I Dream of Geenie-esq' type head bob. 

Last week EJ got her first noticeable boo-boo at school.  She was running around the classroom, fell and landed on a toy.  She's a trooper though!  Here's the boo-boo! :(

                            Helping Mommy hang Easter eggs on the tree.


                                                          PJ Day at School

                            Thanks Miss Jennifer for these adorable pig tails!

Daddy finally got his iPad (after months of saving up!!) and Emma likes it a lot.  She thinks it's her new toy and gets made when Shawn puts it away.  Too cute!

And finally a pic of Emma lounging - she always finds the cutest ways to lay down and cuddle up, and a lot of times this involves a dog.  She tends to move too quick before I can get a good picture.  So this is the best I got.  Apollo lets her do pretty much anything to him.  She laid like this after giving him numerous kisses!!

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