Friday, March 11, 2011

Random Rant

Sorry to talk about a personal problem here but just need to vent, and this is somewhat humerous - at least to me! Annnd this is what my blog is about, randomness and venting!

Why is it that on a normal basis I pee like at least once an hour (no I am NOT even remotely joking here) and yesterday when I have an appointment with the lab for blood work and have to also submit a urine sample I CANNOT for the life of me pee??  First things first: I'm going to NOT give props to my doctor - on Monday at my original appointment he never once mentioned a urine test, only a blood test.  So like all other days I went "potty" (can you tell I am a mommy!) before I left the house so I wouldn't run into any problems. Then I get to the lab office, which is only about 10 minutes from the house, and am handed the 'pee cup.'  Since I'm an honest person I told her flat out - 'oh I just went, can I have some water?'  She gave me a cup of water, which I refilled 3 times, and then took my blood, giving that water a chance to work it's magic.  Oh, but it decided not to work.  Not at all.  Zero, zilch, nada!  So I left what I could in the cup and off to work I went.  Only to have to pee like WICKED CRAZY 5 minutes after I get in the car.  :) 


  1. haha! that is too funny. the water finally made it through your system by the time you got to work. isn't that always how it is? i always have to pee when i'm about to start my jog!

  2. This just makes me wonder what your blood and urine had to be tested for? There's only one type of appointment I can think of...