Thursday, March 3, 2011


Emma has almost reached her 17 month birthday and has grown into quite the "little miss thang!"  Although she's not really saying many words she babbles like crazy.  And i've taught her to say 'Sheesh' - which is my favorite word!  I'll ask her 'what does a duck say?' and she'll usually quack, and 'what does a dog say?' and she'll go 'woof, woof.' So my latest addition is 'what does Mommy say?' and she'll say 'Sheesh.'  I tend to go around a lot saying 'Ah sheesh' trying to cut out the not so nice words that might slip out every now and then and she has totally picked up on it!  It's the cutest thing EVER - yes i mean EVER.  I've tried several times unsuccessfully to capture this on video but she says it so quietly it never gets picked up by the recorder.  One of these days I'll get it though!!

She has also learned to point out several of her body parts.  When asked to point out her nose, eyes, ears, hair, feet, hands and belly she has no trouble.  What always cracks me up is when you ask her to point to her belly she MUST lift up her shirt to show you.  Her belly isn't her belly unless it's the exposed version!  She never ceases to crack me up. 

Her hair is getting so long that we are now to the point of a fight after bath time to comb out all the tangles.  I'm pretty sure at some point when I wasn't home Shawn combed her hair in the way only boys who don't have lots of hair would, and ruined her.  I'm slowly trying to undo that mess.  And what is the deal with detangler products?!?  I bought some, brought it home and on further inspection saw that it said 'Not for use on babies or toddlers.'  Ok so who can I use it on!?    Ergh for real.  But we are getting to the point where she'll let me comb it - only if I also let her do some of the combing on her own!

Quick story - I went to pick Emma up from school one day early and got there right at snack time to find her eating a bowl of cereal, with milk, with a spoon!  All by herself.  And drinking out of a cup with no lid or straw.  Thinking she was too young for that still I hadn't even thought to have her try that at home.  Well now she has bowls of cereal at home on her own.  Ok picture to prove!  Here ya go.  Since I took this picture she has gotten even better and is doing really well with a fork too!  She's getting to be such a big girl.

We all know I could blab for hours about Miss EJ but to not bore everyone I will end my blabberings for the day here and end with some pictures and videos.  Last Sunday we went to the Greesnboro Children's Museum to celebrate Sophia's 2nd birthday.  One of the coolest kid places I've seen.  We will most definetly be going back! 

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  1. Suggestion on the whole detangler thing...have you checked out the Suave kids shampoos? They have 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 stuff. It's great and it worked really well on my girls when they were Emma's age. I didn't care for the detangling sprays anyway because it made their hair greasy because they have fine hair. The Suave kids stuff comes in all sorts of fun scents! They even have a bottle that is just conditioner that is green apple scented.