Friday, January 25, 2013

Bieber Fever

The house has been PLAGUED by Bieber fever.  And Buggy has caught it hard! I suppose there could be worse things - but it's safe to say I know all the words to most of the Bieb's songs now.  All times in the car it's Bieber and most times at home she's asking for him on the TV or the radio (as if i could control that!).  This girl is definitely a performer!  These next videos are a bit longer than the norm - I just couldn't turn it off she was cracking me up so much.  Hopefully they are a bit better quality though since they were taken with the Flip and not my phone -yea about time I got out an ACTUAL video camera!

Enjoy the Bugg performances!!

{a little before bedtime Bieber action - i told you it was pretty much a constant plague!}

{Buggy made her own Bieber music video}

the following video is slightly vulgar!!  doggie parts vulgar.  i just HAD to share because it's so darn funny.  Buggy is the videographer and just goes about her business not paying a bit of attention to what exactly she is recording - and recording pretty darn well too.  TOO MUCH funny for me to handle! 
{ stop....yea i'm easily amused!}

Happy Friday and possible NC snow day!!!

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