Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pilot Mountain 5K Challenge

Remember a few months back when I mentioned a serious 5K challenge I was attempting in December?  Well December has come and gone and I COMPLETED the challenge!!!  Back on December 15, 2012 in extremely chilly temperatures - it was only in the high 30's at the start of the race - I ran the most difficult 5K I have ever done - straight up Pilot Mountain!  It took me 50 minutes and 56 seconds to complete with a 16 minute and 6 second pace per mile.  Not exactly that 5K in under 30 minutes goal I had huh?! But I suppose it would be ok to say this was NOT the 5K to try and complete that goal in! The total distance was actually 3.16 miles according to the MapMyRun app on my phone.  The most brutal 3.16 mile run I've ever experienced!  Take a look at some of these pictures and check out the path we were running.  ALL up the mountain - and see those pictures with stairs?  Yea those were EVERYWHERE throughout the run.  So many darn stairs. Oh the massive amount of stairs to run.  And some parts of the path up the mountain were downright scary.  Covered in rocks and tree branches.  I definitely felt as if I needed to look down all the time to ensure where my foot was landing to avoid tripping and falling, or even worse sliding down the mountain!  There were definitely several times throughout the race where I thought I wouldn't make it - but I kept on trekking on!

{before the race.  you can't even tell we are FREEEEEEZING!} 

{pretty running landscape and views.  the bottom center picture is the starting line of the race and the other pictures are during the race.}

{pretty darn gorgeous up there}

{a pano i took after the race at the top of the mountain with the Photosynth app on the iphone}

{after the race. WE DID IT!! yay!!  i'm so proud of us!!}

I ended up placing 63 out of 86 runners.  Not exactly in the top spots or anything but I'm just glad to have finished, and to not have fallen off the mountain!!  Next year I will improve my time and placement - with some more training beforehand!!

Bring it on Pilot Mountain - we got this!

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