Monday, January 28, 2013

Playroom Redo

Since moving into the new house I've wanted to make the Bug's playroom into a place she could play and also a place I wouldn't mind hanging out in while she was playing.  FINALLY I have that space!  I wasn't a fan of the blue color on in this room.  Not that it's a bad color really - just not what I was looking for - and it's in 3 rooms of the house.  Well was in 3 rooms, now only 1.  Remember this redo? (and I should probably update that redo picture.  There is now a table in that room.  And some shelves hung - but maybe I'll get to that in a bit!) So here we go with before:


And now the after:


*I used the Photosynth app again.  Better than other pano apps I've tried but still has some obvious flaws*

Now we have a jungle-eqsue room with ORANGE walls.  I've wanted to paint a room with orange walls for like EVER.  I love it.  Such a great pop of joy and happiness when you walk into the room!

{finally using an Ikea shelf I bought back in college and another Ikea gadget to display some of the Bug's art.  The animals and leaves I have had for a while (I knew what I wanted to do in this room I just hadn't gotten around to actually doing it) and were both picked up at superb clearance price - Miss Frugal here, never paying full price for ANYTHING!} 

{a Pinterest inspired project.  I had originally planned on making some pictures into canvases from a trip to Lazy 5 Ranch, but when I saw these I though they would add a more personalized touch - I painted these bad boys.  Ok Ok NOT masterpieces, but they fit in this room!}

{Buggy artwork of course, the top canvas is the Pinterest inspired name in tape and have the kids paint over it project, the bottom canvas is her 'scribbles' cut into a design and mod podged on the canvas.  I may need a third canvas to fill the space - what do you think??}

{the letter 'E' - the Bug's new favorite thing to point out -  $ bin score at Michaels + a fresh coat of paint courtesy of the leftovers in the garage = a place for a cute Buggy apron}

I'm working on a comfy chair for under the big leaf and for a place to put my awesome free pillow from Lacefield Designs that I received when I worked the Fall Furniture Market.  But other than than redo = COMPLETE!

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  1. Love it!!! You did a great job, it has such a happy vibe. My favorite room in our house is the orange one, too! :)