Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas - Only Slightly Behind

I took a TON of pictures over the Christmas holiday.  So I've just now gone through and picked out some good ones to highlight the season.  We had some visitors throughout the month and spent lots of time doing Christmas-y activities.  Without further ado on with the photos!

(disclaimer: i'm trying out a new website called PicMonkey to edit photos, which i really love.  however now that i've made the pictures i wanted to share all cutesy in collages, i realize they uploaded super small.  i'm not sure why that is but i plan to investigate and get that fixed for the next post.  sorry about the itty bittyness of some of these pics!)

{pappy, gigi, aunt madison, aunt meredith & uncle tommy came right after Christmas to visit}

{Christmas magic on Christmas morning}

{celebrating with her sweet girlfriends - Kernersville parade with Lilly, Christmas Eve church with Kayla, and annual Christmas celebration with the Brown's}

{Old Salem while the Bookwalter clan was visiting.  i LOVE walking through Old Salem and need to remember how close by it is and get there more often to enjoy it's beauty}

{Santa pictures - Buggy wouldn't go near him without both Mommy & Daddy right there. and no way was she sitting on his lap}

{Uncle Tommy, Aunt Mere, Bug and Me walking along the covered bridge at Old Salem - there is not one picture with us ALL looking!}

{yea she pretty much ate more then she put on the house - but you get the idea!  and after the house was constructed she was caught sitting on the dining room table picking the candy pieces off and eating them.  she certainly is her mother's daughter}

{this picture cracks me up!  hanging out with Brayden and Jack on Christmas Eve}

{i was lucky enough to get to spend the morning of Dec. 16 with Bug at school for a Christmas fun project - decorating ice cream cones with green frosting and cereal decorations - i absolutely loved watching her with all her friends and in her element}

{santa buggy}

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