Friday, January 18, 2013

Body by Buggy & Thundersnow

My little Bug shows great interest in working out, sweating and running.  On the weekends when she's awake and I do a WOD or go for a run she always insists that she must go with me and must also work out.  She has told me several times that we work out so we can sweat.  :O)  Makes me smile.  Always a good thing to start them out early in recognizing that physical fitness is a good thing - and is FUN!  It may be brutal but it's brutality at it's best.  I'm going to check into getting her some more routine with a CrossFit Kids programs.  Some of the local CrossFit boxes offer CrossFit Kids courses and when she gets a bit older I would LOVE to get her enrolled but for now, I'll be her instructor and use some of the ideas posted on the CrossFit Kids site daily.       

{some bench press and transporting the 10 pound weights all by herself across the garage - the pants she is wearing are her 'running pants' and cannot be worn for any other occasion!}

{doing squats like a pro! we're also working on push ups and sit ups, she's getting there!}

In other Buggy news - she's recently started recognizing what letter her name starts with.  She will say 'hey that's my name' when she points to the letter.  I try and take that opportunity to teach her how exactly to spell her name and what letters make up her name.  I think she'll have it down in no time. I'm pretty sure i can say she knows ALL the words to Justin Bieber's 'Beauty & A Beat' - it's her fav!

 She also had her first visit to the eye doctor this week.  Just a precuationary thing since my eye problems started when I was her age.  She got a good report of eye health - might have some need for glasses later on when she gets into school but for now she is good to go.  I'm very proud of how she acted at the doctor - she had her eyes dilated and the whole 9 and didn't cry a drop or throw any type of fit!

{big girl at the eye doctor}
Now a quick blurb about this crazy weather we've been having in North Carolina this week.  Last Sunday the high was in the low 70's and today is a snow day!  We even got to experience something called a ThunderSnow which was definetly something I didn't even think existed!  It was pretty cool to experience something like that.  Buggy was off school today so got to head out and enjoy the snow for the first time - well first time since she's old enough to understand what's going on. 

{the morning snowfall}

{and evening of pretty snowfall}

{checking out this white stuff - i think she likes it!}

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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