Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Buggy Blast

I take a zagillion (yea i know it's not a word but i still said it!) pictures of Bug - never with a camera, always with my phone because it's so much quicker and easier.  Lots end up on Instagram, some of Face Book and some just stay in the abyss that is the camera roll on my phone.  Here's an update of recent Buggy-ism's through pictures.

{1. been looking for a desk for Bug for a while, found one at Hobby Lobby on clearance! 2. Buggy chillin' in bed - this is what she does most nights before falling asleep, yes bracelets & all 3. this morning before school, giving me a cheesy smile 4. eating some ice cream, very intently} 

{1. enjoying the window down in the car in this a.w.e.s.o.m.e weather! 2. littlest Cleveland Brown's fan 3. being silly outside with my sunglasses on 4. mommy's official taste tester}

{1. drying her hot pink, glitter nails at the salon, and obviously avoiding my camera 2. always has to have some kind of shoe on, even with jammies, cheesin' it up 3. coloring outside with chalk after school 4. lovin' on Addison - you can tell Addie is thrilled!}

{we spent a lot of time with Lilly & her mommy last weekend - even the mommy's got a little cupcake decorating play date!!}

Lemme just stop for a minute and say how incredibly happy I am that Buggy has such wonderful best girl friends.  I, being the chronic worrier that I am, was nervous she wouldn't have any girls to grow up with.  I grew up with mostly boy neighbors and although I had lots of fun and wouldn't trade that, I was hoping Bug would have some girls to be girly with,  because she is the epitome of GIRL!  We love Sophia and Lilly!!  We wish Sophia lived A LOT closer but do our best to see her and send voice notes to her as much as possible.  And we are very happy to have Lilly just down the street!!  Bug talks and asks about both girls ALL the time.      

{1. more chalk outside 2. checking out Lilly's Barbie car 3. working on the pedals on the bike 4. bubble time} 

{a quick modeling session after seeing Sophia's modeling pics on Instagram - she's def in copy cat mode a lot}

{a few weekends ago we got Buggy a fish.  i might have made the mistake of pointing them out to her in the store.  but fish are easy & we already have a small zoo, so....Buggy has a fish all her own.  she picked a cute neon-ish orange one & we also got a sucker fish for the tank - he's cool 'cuz he's albino & it's a challenge to find him in the tank everyday! she calls him 'sucker' & she named the orange one 'futsa-futsa.'}

I have recorded so many things Buggy says on my phone and I tried to upload them on here with no luck.  She had a hard time at first saying Sophia but now she's got it down - with 3 full, complete syllables.  She's now working on her middle name.  She's got the first and last but has a hard time getting out Reese.  But it's coming along.  She's also almost got Deondra down.  She used to say 'Ondra' but now she says it more like 'D -pause- Ondra.'  So progress has been made.  She knows how to say her own full name clearly now too.  She's developed a southern accent.  When she says friend it comes out 'frayend' and is the most hilarious thing I've ever heard!  If you ask her a question her fav response is 'uh-huh' or 'nuh-uh.'  She's super cute when she says I love you and she also says it in a sting of 'I love you, goodnight, see you in the morning.'  Man I really wish I could get the recordings on here. 

We're still working on the potty training thing.  She knows to say that she's gone in her pullup but still has a slight aversion to going on the potty.  Very independant my little Buggy is.  She's started putting her own pullups and pants on and gives a great effort to put her own shirts on.  Some of her shoes she can put on herself and others she needs a little help with.  But she gets them on the right feet 95% of the time now!!  She's recently started counting by starting with 4.  She knows her numbers and I think she does it specifically because we tell her not to.  The alphabet is also coming along - she sings along with the alphabet magnets on the dishwasher when she thinks we are paying attention. 

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. ADORABLE!!!! Oh my word, she is such a beauty. You need to do a comparison post with pics from when you were a little girl, because I just can't believe how much she looks like you. Such stunning girls! Loved this update on the Bug!