Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dirty Thirty & Mommy/Buggy Comparisons

Well it's official.  I.AM.OLD.  OK maybe not old but I'm certainly not in my 20's anymore.  I wasn't quite sure how I was going to feel last Thursday on D-day.  But I made it through!!  I had an incredibly awesome 30th birthday - WONDERFUL friends (new, old, and then new again) and family.  My mom drove in from Ohio to surprise me for the weekend!!  I didn't know she was coming until Friday afternoon when she was almost here!! :O)  Oh and I got my first edible arrangement delivered to work on Thursday from my mom and sis.  What's better than a surprise filled with chocolate covered strawberries while at work?!  I was more than spoiled and I have been blessed with incredible people in the first 30 years of life - who knows what's to come for the next 30!!  (oh sheesh, that would make me 60!, ok, let's just enjoy this year first shall we!!) 

{hello beautiful!}

Recently I've heard a lot of comments about how much Bug looks like me.  Then my lovely friend Anna suggested I do a comparison post - YES! how fun would that be and why hadn't I thought of that sooner? Thank you Anna! I honestly don't see me in her so out came the old albums to see for sure.  Basically after looking at my baby pics I've come to two main conclusions: Buggy is a MUCH cuter baby than I was, however, she DOES look and make facial expressions like me! 

Check it out.  In all the pictures below Bug is on the left and baby me is on the right (except for the one of me in the diaper, somehow I did that one backwards! Oops!).  I tried to compare photos where we are making similar facial expressions.

{first birthday}

{second birthday}

{yep, she gets it honestly}

{smiling with our mouths open apparently runs in the fam}

{i think in this one we look VERY similar}

{this one just cracks me up!}

{check out that crazy diaper i'm wearing! the thing looks funny - guess they've come a long way in the development of diapers!}



{pretty similar looking in this one too}

So, what do you think???

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  1. LOVE the comparisons - and Yes, she is your "mini me."