Thursday, March 8, 2012

Back on Dry Land - Cruise Day 1

We made it back from the cruise all in one piece - well mostly!  First and foremost let me please start by saying that anyone who tells you that you cannot feel a cruise ship moving is TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY WRONG!  Well, maybe not totally but at least in my experience.  I felt the boat moving the entire 5 days we were on the water.  And even right now as I am typing I feel like I am swaying.  Very weird.  Thank heavens for a small box of motion sickness pills purchased on the ship! :O)

Ok so now onto the fun stuff! Day 1 we met up with our traveling companions the Brown's and headed out to the Port of Charleston.  It started off rainy and foggy but by lunch time it was nice, warm and sunny.  We got through the production of Carnival Cruises - which included a long, swervy drive through a huge parking lot, dropping off all our bags, parking the cars and then taking a bus to the cruise terminal.  In the terminal we went through security and then finally got onto our boat - the Carnival Fantasy.

It was about 2pm when we finally got on and loaded everything into our rooms.  Then we hit up the 24 hour food bar (YES!) for a snack while we waited to take off.  I'll be honest - I didn't know we had started moving when we first got going.  It wasn't until we were out deep at sea that I could really feel it - and it hit me hard.  Esepcially while at the back of the boat.  And I didn't feel well at all.  I never was sick but I constantly felt off balance, not a great feeling.  Since I had gotten up so early the morning of Day 1, I went to sleep pretty early - and also to try and feel still for a while (which didn't work).  Here's a few pictures from Day 1.

{up bright and early - ready to go! well maybe}

{the girls playing with the hand dryers at lunch before we got into Charleston}

{bridge heading into the Port of Charleston}

{on the bus to the 'big boat'}

{our room from the door}

{our room from the other side of the bed}

{looking out the window in our room}

{posing while exploring the ship}

{inside looking up in from the main lobby}

{pool and party deck}

{water park on the top deck of the ship}

{more of the water park}

{more of the party deck}

{i just thought this would be a cool picture - and it is!}

{checking things out as we leave Charleston}

{sunset on day 1}

The coolest part of Day 1 was seeing a dolphin in the water at the Port of Charleston before we got moving.  Dolphins are my favorite sea animal and I absolutely love to watch them so it was such a treat to see this.  I know the video isn't the best - I was on the top deck of the boat while filming it - but you get the idea!

{Dolphin frolicking in the water}

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  1. Love it!! I'm glad you guys had a great time! I definitely recognize the top that Bug is wearing! That was one of my favorites! Miss you guys!