Monday, March 12, 2012

I Interupt the cruise review....

For a quick Paleo food and Buggy update!! 

This past weekend I spent a lot of time in the kitchen trying some different things that I've been wanting to try since doing my Whole30.  I found a recipe on Pinterest for avocado brownies and was immediately intrigued.  Sounded easy enough so I tried.  Pretty darn good I must say, I mean for being mostly full of a non-dessert item.  They call for avocados, unsweetened chocolate and unsweetened cocoa powder (among other things) so they weren't very 'sweet' all on their own.  The only sweetness you add is vanilla and honey.  To sweeten them up a bit I have been eating them with fruit and a little bit of agave nectar on top.  Very yummy.  The best thing is I don't feel near as guilty after eating that snack as I do when I eat regular brownies or cake.  I know it's not the BEST thing I could eat but it's certainly better than some of my past choices.

{avocado brownies}

{avocado brownies sweetened up a bit} 

I also saw a recipe for cauliflower poppers on Pinterest and wanted to try.  YUM!! and super easy.  I tired the 'Cave Man Ketchup' recipe from Paleo Comfort Foods to go along with them.  They were a hit.  Although honestly you didn't need anything to go with the poppers.  They were scrumptious all on thier own, they kind of just melted in your mouth!  Oh and the ketchup is yummy too.  Liked by all - even Buggy the ketchup addict!  

{cauliflower poppers with cave man ketchup}

My last recipe attempt was Paleo Mayo from Paleo Comfort Foods.  This one was a serious fail.  I think I just don't have the patience to make it.  Or maybe I don't have the proper food processor or something.  But it came out all a mess.  But at least I can say that I tried.  My purpose in making the mayo was to try the Grape-Chicken Salad from Paleo Comfort Foods.  Which I still made.  I just had to use regular mayo.  Not the best choice but I had already cooked the chicken for chicken salad so..... it is what it is. 

On to the Buggy updates!  Her newest thing cracks me up.  It's an avertion tactic for sure.  If you ask her to do something, anything really, she replies with 'what you say?' and gets a cute befuddled look on her face.  Then you repeat what you originally asked her and she'll say it again.  I know she is only doing this to distract you from what you want or need her to do.  Gotta give her credit though.  It's pretty cute!  She's also singing 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' all on her own.  Now all the words are not exactly correct but for the most past she's got it down.  At some point she must have heard someone say 'Peace Out' because she is also saying that a lot.  Just random.  Really adorable!  She's forming a lot more sentences and is holding converstaions so well. 

One day last week when it was really nice I rolled the windows down in the car.  (Looking at that I guess I didn't technicially roll the windows down, I just pushed the button know).  Now every time she is in the car, she tells me she wants her window down.  Including this morning when it was only 42 degrees outside.  Since she is so cute about it, I of course oblige.  And she loves it.  It's the little things so we'll of course go with it! 

Happy Eating! Boo to Monday!


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