Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cruise Day 5

Day 5 was our last day at sea heading back to Charleston.  The weather was kinda rough and some of the upper decks on the boat were closed throughout the day because of high winds.  Safety first!  We spent the day hanging out with the girls, doing some shopping on the boat (they had some killer sales on various things in the on board stores, although sadly I found nothing to buy, unbelievable I know!) and eating.       

{Buggy on the top deck before it was closed for winds - she kept saying she wanted to be outside!}

{we had a meeting to learn how to properly disembark the ship & got an opportunity to thank all the hard workers on the ship - well some of them!}

{the girls hanging out in a window seat being cute}

{an attempt to get the girls to wind down & take a nap, which didn't work & we ended up having to separate them}

{on the last night we found a room where they were giving away free drinks & had a young girl singing so we stopped for a few to listen}

{anyone could get on stage to dance & Bug wanted to go}

{until she realized they were alone up there & she got embarassed - they did get a nice round of applause though!}

{picture with the lion on the way to our last night's dinner}

{this time she wanted Bobbi the Bunny to have his picture taken with the lion too, and who am i to not oblige her request}

{our view at dinner - this was the first night we had a window seat}

{feeding Bobbi some of her bread}

{time for dessert. the best part obviously!! Buggy always got her own kid dessert but then insisted on eating some of ours - she gets her sweet tooth honestly!}

{towel creation - to be honest we aren't sure what this one is.  but cute regardless}

{the girls spent a little time at Camp Carnival on the last night but we picked them up right before they were about to color t-shirts.  they sent the t-shirts with the girls to color some other time.  the girls of course had to model them right away.  some more downward facing dog - & soph kicking up her leg again.  TOO CUTE!}

{t-shirt models - i just love them!!}

That's the cruise!  As much as I could squeeze into my little blog.  I haven't seen any of the pics Deondra took on her fancy camera yet so when I do I will do some follow up posts.  And you all know I'm obsessed with Instagram - if you don't follow me and haven't already seen them, I'll do a quick 'Cruise via Instagram' post too.  

Our last day when we woke up we were at Port in Charleston.  WE had breakfast in the Celebration Dining room one last time then had a bit of time to walk around and enjoy the ship before disembarking and going through customs.  I am very impressed with the way Carnival ran things.  Everything went very smoothly and we had no issues.  Kudos Carnival!

Overall we had a GREAT time.  I loved watching the girls explore and play together and experiencing a cruise for the first time myself.  I wasn't sure at first if I would plan another one, but I think now that I will.  I'd really like to do a Disney Cruise for Buggy Lou.  We were looking at a book of them the other day and she was totally enthralled.  I don't think I'd do it right away - maybe in a year or two when she's a bit older.  She was very well-behaved on this cruise so I know that won't be a problem, I just want her to be able to remember a Disney Cruise and the once in a lifetime opportunity and be able to do all the things offered on the ships.  I'd also LOVE to do an Alaskan Cruise some day.  Yea - I know, probably in my dreams, but those are good dreams!!  

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