Friday, March 9, 2012

Cruise Day 2

Day 2 of the cruise was a 'day at sea' spent getting down south to the Bahamas!!  First thing Deondra and I woke up and headed to the top deck of the ship for a workout.  Well.... that was our intention.  The winds were f.i.e.r.c.e and there was no way we could have stayed upright on the outside track we had planned on running on.  Into the gym we went only to find out it was a little crowded.  Which is understandable because the view was spectactular!!  Luckily it was just shy of 8a and a yoga class was just beginning.  So in to yoga we went!  I'm sure you can imagine how insanely funny it was for us trying to do yoga poses while the ship was rocking back and forth, but all in all we did pretty darn well!  I haven't taken a real yoga class since college and was surprised that I could still do a lot of the poses with little pain!  We felt very refreshed afterwards and ready for the day.

The rest of the day we spent exploring the ship, hanging out and doing LOTS of eating.  There was food at our disposal everywhere.  And it was all very yummy! I still felt a little off - off blaance, off kilter, off my rocker! Haha.  But really, I had a hard time on the first sea day with all the moving.  I love boats and water and never felt sick to my stomach at all, just more dizzy and off balance.  I took another magic pill from the little box though which seemed to help and made myself a promise not to let the 'weird' feeling I had ruin my trip! 

 Saturday night on the sea was "Elegeant Evening' for our dinner at the Celebration Dining Room.  We got all dressed up and of course took lots of pictures.  The girls enjoyed the 'magic man' as they called him while we waited for our food.    

After dinner we took the girls for thier first try at "Camp Carnival" - the on board daycare.  I was a leary at first of leaving Bug somewhere she was not familar, but her and Sophie went right in and didn't look back. They were very strict about access and gave us a cell phone to carry in case we were needed which made me feel good about the whole thing.  We only left them in for about 30 minutes and then got them for the night.  Of course they didn't want to leave and talked all about thier 'playroom on the big boat' for the rest of the night!  Cruise daycare a success for a little Buggy break! :O)

Night 2 was the 'guy's night' out so Deondra, Sophia, Buggy and I had a nice sleepover with cuddling, movies, and lots of giggling! 

Day 2 in pictures:

{outside track on the top deck of the ship - prior to being almost blown off the ship and going inside!}

{miniature golf on the top deck of the ship - we never got to play - too windy up there!!}

{sunrise from the top deck on Saturday morning}

{after yoga with Bug's favorite lion - more on the lion in future posts}

{this was our towel creation from night 1 - i forgot to post with day 1's post - a rabbit!}

{best friends just hanging out}


{ready to go, to where i'm not sure, she had to check her schedule!}

{i made several attempts to use the panorama app on my phone but it was so hard to line them up perfectly since all the water looks the same! but this isn't too bad.  i think it shows that we were surrounded by water!}

{Bug showing Soph how to play the LeapPad}

{i snuck a few shots on my phone of them getting some fancy photos done}

{checking out Camp Carnival before heading in!}

{this was my first fancy cruise drink.  we did our best to try all the drinks on the menu.  i'm pretty sure we succeeded!}

{'Magic Man' at dinner - the girls L.O.V.E.D. him}

{see Bug thought he was hilarious}

{watching intently}

{strawberry soup.  it was cold.  who knew it would be yummy?!}

{muching on pizza & french fries.  a cruise favorite.}

{our towel creation for night 2 - a doggie!}

{Bug & Mommy fancy photo from 'Elegant Evening' dinner}

{family fancy photo from 'Elegant Evening'}

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  1. I am loving reading all about your adventure! Sounds like so much fun, you make me want to go on another one. And that little Emma - I could just eat her up!!! :) Great pics.