Monday, March 12, 2012

Cruise Day 3

Day 3 of the cruise involved getting some bad news. We woke up on day 3 thinking we would be stopping at the port in Freeport.  Unfortuneatly we did not.  We instead woke up to an announcement that we were unable to make a stop in Freeport due to weather conditions.  *We later found out this was not the case and in fact we were unable to stop in Freeport because Prince Harry was visiting the Bahamas, and regular folk like us had to be put out a little bit for the Prince.*  So instead of making a stop we spent the day at sea heading a little further south to Nassau.

The girls had a great mini modeling shoot at the waterpark on the ship.  These two really crack me up!  Such little diva's.  These pics are only a sampling of what we took.  Deondra brought her fancy camera and probably took 200 + easily in about 15 minutes!

{mini diva photoshoot begins}

{miss emma jane}

{miss sophia reese}

{maybe a little downward facing dog?}

{too cute for words}

{now onto being silly}

{pretty windy - buggy holding on while hanging out!}

Here comes the lion - Buggy's FAVORITE part of the big boat - that I posted about on Day 2.  We have lots of pictures of both girls with the lions.  We passed them every day on the way to breakfast and dinner at our dining room, Celebration Dining Room.  

{Buggy & the Lion - this was actually at breakfast before the photo shoot - sorry for my mind lapse and mix up of the day}   

Since we had to skip Freeport, we ended up arriving in Nassau earlier than expected and actually stayed docked at the port overnight.  Deondra and I went to the top deck (after spending some nice time relaxing and gabbing in the adult only hot tub on the 'Serenity' deck) to take some pictures of Nassau as we were pulling into port.  It was so incredibly beautiful.  Crisp, blue waters and warm, salty sea air.  Doesn't get much better!

{beautiful water at the back of the boat - makes you want to dive right in - see the tiny white spec in the top left?  that's another carnival cruise ship that was not too far behind us most of the trip south} 

{the Port of Nassau}

{view of Atlantis & Nassau from the top deck of Carnival Fantasy}

{a quick look down from the top deck at the pool and party deck of our ship}

{another shot of Atlantis, Nassau & a cruise ship already docked at the port as we got in}

{the front of our ship from the top deck}

{the shops at the Port of Nassau}

{i attempted another pic with the panorama app - this one is from the front of the boat looking into Nassau}

We got off the boat for a very brief little bit after we were docked just to explore the shops.  Since it was Sunday though, many of them were closed.  As we got off it was pretty windy and looked as if some rain may be coming in.  Low and behold it started coming down - and we of course did not have umbrellas and were all wearing flip flops!  We made a run for it, stopping for a few minutes under various covered areas for a break.  We nearly got blown away (not an exaggeration by any means) while walking between the two cruise ships that were docked.  Apparently the size of the boats created like a vortex of wind in between them!

{our boat - Carnival Fantasy - see the rain blowing in?!  boo!  our rooms were somewhere on the R deck (whichever that is) on this side of the boat}

{Buggy hanging out, NOT looking at me when i wanted to take her pic, while we waited out the rain the best we could}

Once we got back on the boat and dried off we headed up for dinner in the dining room.  After dinner we dropped the girls off at Camp Carnival for Pirate night and had a fancy cruise drink. 

{diva time before dinner}

{they painted the kid's faces in daycare like pirates - i wanted a picture of Bug's paint - you see what i got, the blur is her swatting my hand and the camera away}

{she calmed down a bit & let me take a little better pic of her paint.  sophie didn't want them to paint her face}

{another fancy cruise drink, yumm!}

So I've basically lost track of which towel animal was from which day/night/wahtever.  We got one each night and the girls were always SO excited to go and see what they got each night before bed!


I think that is all for Day 3.  I'm sure I'll get the posts done for all cruise days and then remember a bunch of things I forgot.  So I may have one - or several - follow up posts. 

 Deondra - when you read this if you remember anything I need to put, please write it in a comment - I want to remember it all!  :O)

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