Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cruise Day 4

Day 4 we spent all day in Nassau, Bahamas, well until 6p.  It was a beautiful day and we spent a lot of time perusing the shops and we found a small little public beach where we let the girls play for a while.  While we were walking along in Nassau there were lots of signs, pictures, posters and statues posted about Prince Harry's visit and Queen Elizabeth.  I'm still not sure what exactly was going on but whatever it was was definitely big in the Bahamas! 

{Buggy & the lion on the way to breakfast}

{Harley Davidson of Nassau}

{yep - we had to stop at Starbuck's in Nassau - well not us just Deondra & I}

{Starbucks in Nasssau & you can see our boat in the background}

{McDonald's are EVERYWHERE :O)}

{Junkanoo Beach,  in Nassau, Bahamas - about a 1 mile walk from the port}

{Daddys & Daughters checking out the water}

{Buggy was not too keen on the water, or the sand for that matter}


{the view of the port from Junkanoo Beach - our ship is the last on the right}

{tried to get a picture when the wind wasn't blowing - no such luck - it was pretty.darn.breezy!}

{all changed after beach playtime & once again NOT looking at the camera when i wanted to take a pic.  instead, playing with the handmade Bahamian necklace she got from the market place.  and yes we have matching strollers for the girls.  yes were are THOSE kind of friends and yes we LOVE it}

{Welcome Prince Harry - & thanks for ruining our stop in Freeport - oh wait - the sigh doesn't say that! my bad!}

{Bug again not cooperating for a pic under the Bahamas sign.  all i wanted was one picure.  sheesh}

{all dressed up for 'Family Dinner' as the girls called it in the dining room}


{the main lobby of the ship.  this guy was irish or scotish or something & was a pretty good singer.}

{i zoomed with the phone so it got a bit blurred but this is the girls across the ship from the mommy's, mommy's taking pictures OF COURSE!}

{'magic man' again at dinner}

{the girls were so fond of him and asked about him each night}

{drinking h2o from a fancy glass}

{after dinner fancy cruise drink.  girls in camp carnival.  the beginining of the mommy's night out}

{a few drinks in.  mommy's need to be able to let down the 'mommy guard' every now and then.  daddy's got girlie duty that night - don't worry - they had thier turn several nights prior to this one!}

{i'm not sure how i got an inside-out umbrella on this drink but i found it hilarious...hmm i wonder why!?}

{towel creation - frog}

{professional pic of mommy's night out, Deondra has another one too which i'll have to post in a follow up post.} 

Keep in mind I NEVER drink so only a few & I was pretty loopy.  Had a TON of fun with Deondra, met some crazy people (including one self-proclaimed Halla-wasa-ponie Indian from Hollister, NC) and was able to let loose in a safe and controlled environment knowing my Buggy was safe and snug with Daddy and that I didn't have to drive anywhere.  We ended our night in the hot tub on the party deck watching people dance and totally relaxing.  We still made it back to our rooms and in bed before midnight - which was WAY earlier than the Daddy's, ahem ahem.  However, we both felt a little 'sick' the next morning and slept in until almost 10!  In the Mommy world you know that NEVER happens.  Funniest thing is we made it onto the cruise line tv while we were dancing in the hot tub.  They created a video of random things going on throughout the 5 days and we made it on.  5 seconds of fame for the Mommy's!  Lesson learned - this Mommy can't hang as well as she used to, but just because I'm getting older doesn't mean I can't still have fun every now and then!! :O)      

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