Monday, March 19, 2012

Product Review & a G.I.V.E.A.W.A.Y!!!

Ok, so first a little background.  I found the blog Our Little Bubble a while back and started following.  After following for several months I happened to have the blog pulled up at home and my husband saw the screen, stopped and said "wait, i know them!"  I'm thinking sure wise guy how do you know them, let's hear it??  Turns out the blog I had been following was written by one of his high school friends wives!  Crazy coincidence, huh!?  If you're anything like me you will LOVE Christa's blog.  She's a stay at home mom of four, yes FOUR boys and is pretty much super, crazy awesome!  She blogs a lot about what she does to stay Green and organic, eat healthy and then of course keep up with those adorable boys! 

She posted a review of Shaklee green cleaner products and did a giveaway of the product through Parents of a Dozen back at the beginning of the year.  Since I am always trying to go as green and chemical free as possible, I signed up for the giveaway and WON.  Yippee yahooo - I never win anything.  I was super stoked!   I liked the results Christa had posted about but still wanted to try for myself. 

Shaklee is a natural nutrition company that has been around for over 50 years.  Which means over 50 years of making our planet a little bit 'greener.'  Their philosophy is "always safe", "always works" and "always green."  Sounds good to me!

So let's give this bad boy a try shall we......

{i won the Basic H2 which came in these teeny, tiny little package, in this teeny, tiny little tube. I followed the directions & got 2 bottle of cleaner - you dilute it into 16 oz of water}

The Basic H2 can be used on ANY surface, indoors and outdoors.  I decided to try it on my stove and sink - both items which I ABSOLUTELY hate at the new house.  They both have been used and abused and don't clean or stay clean easily or for very long.  

Check out the stove before cleaning (warning! nastiness to follow!):

{yep it's pretty bad.  i feel like i'm always scrubbing this stupid stove top and then these spots reappear.  i took some close ups so you could really see.  sorry about the glare too.  i did my best!}

And the after:

{pretty & sparkly!  i like that.  i still scrubbed with the H2 but the biggest difference is there was no harsh, chemical smell ANNNND i don't have to scrub near as often!!  i would usually scrub every night to get those little boogers off, but with the H2 i can go more than 1 day in between deep scrubs!}

Since I got such good results on the stove, I then tried the sink.  This stupid sink is HORRIBLE.  I cannot wait to replace it!  The stainless steel is nearly always brown in one place or another and even after deep scrubbing - which I have to do often - it just doesn't cut it.

Here's the sink before:

{disgusting.  see in the drain the brown i was talking about.  old & abused.  not to mention it's really hard to get down in there to clean. once i've cleaned it really good i try to maintain it but those gross, brown things continue to pop up when i'm not looking}  

And here's the sink after:

{goodbye icky brown spots!  i had the same results as i did with the stove.  i still had to scrub nice & good but i didn't have to scrub as hard in between.  i def like!}

I really enjoyed using the Shaklee products and would definitely like to try more.  My favorite part is there is no smell whatsoever but you still see results as if there were.  I think we are somewhat fooled into thinking there will be a better 'clean' if there is a 'clean' smell when we are finished.  Not so much.  I got the sink and the stove clean and could still breath freely afterwards!  That's a winner in my book!  

Now for the G.I.V.E.A.W.A.Y!!

5 winners, open until March 26   

Parents of a Dozen will giveaway 5 samples of the Basic H2 to 5 of my readers .  If you are interested in trying out this product just leave a comment on my blog saying you'd like to give it a try and why!  It's free and most definitely worth it!!  For additional entries, follow and subscribe to Parents of a Dozen and 'like' Parents of a Dozen on FaceBook. 

Happy Chemical-Free Cleaning! :O) 



  1. Im sold! I want to try it!! the stove nad sink are my two least favorite things to clean as well!

  2. I would LOVE to try this! Especially in my bathrooms!! I have bought everything under the sun and still can't get a clean result. GREEN AND CLEAN FOR ME PLEASE!!

  3. awe... thanks for the sweet shot out :) and btw... 30's not so bad... Happy Birthday! Now-- turning 33 for me this summer... not looking like much fun. Have a great day!