Friday, February 10, 2012

The Days After Whole30

The past 4 days since my last day of Whole30 I have slowly eaten things that are non-Paleo.  Not a TON, but def some.  Pizza, creamer in my coffee, hot tamales, 2 pieces of naan with hummus, a piece of cake and a brownie.  It's beyond amazing to me how that little amount of non-Paleo food has made me feel like total crap. And my belly feels puffy again.  Enough so that I absolutely hate that I even had that little amount of stuff.  I really feel that it is the gluten more so than anything else.  I feel grossly bloated and just plain disqusting.  So today I am back following a lot more strict.  I finally got the Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook in the mail and I'm looking forward to sitting down and planning out meals for next week.  I know that when I have things planned out and something to look forward to I do much better.

But really, really amazing to me how little amount and how quick those things made me feel bad.  It's not even worth it.  Not even a little bit!

On a more positive note - I made a new salad dressing last night to go with my favorite salad of spinach, pecans, apples and sometimes baby tomatos.  Very few ingredients and it's YUMMY.  So yummy that I was craving it all morning knowing it was on my menu for lunch.  That's the thing about the Whole30 I love the most - it's really broken me out of my fear of cooking shell.  I'm a lot more willing to try new things as well as cook new things!  Since I got that cookbook I'll try to start posting about all the recipes I try from the book to let you know if they are worth it or not.  I'm very anxious to make some Paleo mayo too.  I've been a little scared to try but I'm throwing caution to the wind and just gonna do it!

Oh and I have 21 days until our cruise where I will have to wear a bathing suit.  Operation slim the belly start IMMEDIATELY!

Happy Friday Y'all!! 

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  1. It's CRAZY, huh?? I think most people learn more AFTER their Whole30 than they did while on it. So glad you're going bold with your cooking! That's so great! Your tortilla and wings look FANTASTIC. I need to try those wings...