Monday, February 6, 2012

Room Makeover for Buggy

I finally got some pictures of Bug's room after the new paint is complete.  I still have some things I want to hang on the walls, as well as purchase to finish the room - like some shelves for the walls and a bookcase for books and other nice things.  But for now you can get the idea of what it looks like.  The stripes were definitely labor intensive.   Had they not already been there thanks to the prior owners I don't think I would have attempted them on my own.  I guess altogether the room took about 2 weekends to get all painted.  Not horrible in the grand scheme of things.  And it feels so nice to paint over all the 'leftovers' from the previous owners and make it all Buggy!  Again I took these pics with the panorama app on my phone and it's super hard to get them lined up perfect.  But you get the general idea!

 {before - not bad colors but a little more baby than what i wanted for Bug.  plus if you looked really close there were lots of coloring marks, nicks and cracks in the paint that needed fixed}

Here are 2 of the 'inspiration pieces' that led me to decide owls would be the theme. Not totally owls, some butterflies and dragonflies too, but mostly owls.  I have so many more owl things to get - I just have yet to find what I'm looking for!  

 {personalized owl pillow from the Rye's for Buggy for Christmas - i ADORE it!  Bug does too - she frequently carries it around hugging on it}

 {owl print from Ikea, $10 - yep ridiculously cute & affordable}

Now for the after.  Not completely finished but very much an improvement on the before! I did a little furniture re-arrangement too. Not sure if I'll keep it this way but I do like this better than how I had it before.  (Minus the ugly print fabric on the glider rocker - but I'm working on that!)


The only portion of her room that was not even touched was the closet.  And let's not even go there for now.  She's got a great closet - I wish mine was this big! - but it's the same color and the walls used to be and there are TONS of holes in there from a shelf that for some reason was taken down and never replaced.  She likes to go in there and play and I'm thinking of re-hanging the animal net in there more at her height for easy storage and hanging some floating shelves I have from Ikea for toy storage at her level.  But for now it is this.  Thank heavens there is a door that can be closed!!

 {closet - colossal mess.  pretty much all the time.  she plays in here more than she's in her playroom, go figure!}

Bug's room is still a work in progress but my next painting project I'm thinking will be the playroom.  I have a vision with orange and safari animals that I hope I can bring to fruition!


  1. Wow, it looks awesome!!! I love the stripes - and you can't go wrong with purple. I also love the curtains, gathered at the bottom of each window - so pretty! What a talented mama that Emma has! :D

  2. Thank you Anna!!! I wish I was more creative!! I love your frosted glass. I may have to try that!!