Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Quick Thank you

I need to take a minute and say thank you to my iPhone.  Yes to my phone.  Buggy loves the iPhone.  And the past few mornings she has asked to have it while driving in to school. What I find amazing is that she knows how to find the 'folder' on there with all the 'Emma Apps.'  All kinds of flashcards, games, learning to count, learning the alphabet, learning animals and the sounds they make apps.  I've had these apps since she was born - you know eager parent wanting my kid to be super smart.  But she just recently has been able to use them for their true intent. 

So this morning she was learning animals and the sounds they make.  As I drove I heard her repeating what the voice on the app would say.  Then she would say "Mommy, look a (insert animal name here) it goes (insert animal sounds here).    So although at first I didn't want her messing with the phone and being one of 'those kids' that is always attached to some form of electronic device, I feel better knowing that she is learning in those 25 minute drives into HP.  She won't be allowed to be 'attached' to it, but I can feel good about occupying her in the morning when neither of us want to be awake and therefore are better off with her learning (rather than fussing at me) and me listening to her sweetness (rather than getting frustrated at her fussing!)

       {thanks for looking out iPhone!}

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