Sunday, February 5, 2012

Whole30 Day 29

I didn't eat much today at all.  Every time I tried Buggy needed something.  Or took whatever it was I was trying to eat to have for herself.  And since being sick she hasn't eaten much in the last few days, I was just glad she was eating.  I also spent a lot of time finishing up the paint in her room.  I really wanted to get it done this weekend so I kept going in between cuddling and being there for the sick Bug.  She went from being clingy and whiny to happy and cheerful all day.  With no warning of anything - it just happened.  So I had some fruit and also some wings.  I thought the wings would not be Whole30 approved but I ended up doing them plain so they were!  Other than that there is nothing more to report.  Kind of a boring food day. 

Tomorrow is the last day of my Whole30.  But I also feel like it is the beginning of something else too.  Not sure what to call it.  I know I won't be so strict after tomorrow, but I also know I won't be going back to my old habits either.  I'm thinking of maybe making some rules about the "bad" non-Paleo foods.  Something like, only on the weekends, or only when out or for special occasions.  I know for a fact I feel A LOT better since eliminating these foods and although I do enjoy them I feel like feelings better out weighs the liking of the "bad" stuff.  So extreme moderation will be necessary.  I'm just not sure how exactly I'll be doing that yet.  But I'll continue to post and keep everyone updated!   

29 days done, 1 to go!!

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