Monday, February 13, 2012

Paleo Comfort Foods - First Recipe Try, A Buggy Playdate & a Mommy Day

I finally got my copy of Paleo Comfort Foods in the mail last week.  I took some time to look through it and picked out a few things I wanted to try right away.  My first attempt came out really well.  I made some Coconut Flour Tortillas.  Although they were a bit time consuming for my first go-around (I learned how to make it quicker for next time) they were really good and well worth the effort.  I really enjoy tacos and especially flour tortillas so that is one of the things have really missed.  These are the perfect replacement.  They taste more egg-y than regular tortillas but all in all they will do when I'm craving something floury and tortilla-y! :O)

{Cocount Flour Tortillas}

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my friend Deondra doing some last minute shopping for our upcoming cruise (19 days!!).  We had a great time, shopping, eating, enjoying a Sangria with lunch, and hitting up the outlets in Mebane.  While we were out having some Mommy time (much needed by the both of us!) Shawn was home with Emma and Sophia while they had a best friends play date.  This was the first time Sophia has been at our house to play becuase she is was very afraid of dogs.  She made strides yesterday.  We only let Apollo upstairs and had the other two in the man room so she wasn't too overwhelmed but by the end of the day she was hugging on and kissing Apollo!  Yay Sophie!!  Here are a few pics Shawn snapped of the girls during thier day.  So cute.  And yea we probably owe Shawn BIG TIME for taking on 2 little girls all by himself while we went out and about. 

{tea time, yes Buggy is a bit of a ham!}

{movie time - Shawn said this only lasted about 5 minutes}

{more tea time}

{snuggle time in the chair}

In other Bug news - we now have a sleeper-in-her-own-bedder!!!  I'm so proud of her.  Last Monday night was her first night sleeping in her own room and own bed since her nightmare many, many months ago.  We had a few rough nights but now she is doing really well and in the mornings doesn't want to get out of her bed or her bedroom.  I think it helped that we made such a big deal about her 'big girl room and new big girl paint.'  She is also washing her face, combing her hair, and brushing her teeth on her own.  She needs a little help but she always likes to try to do them herself first.  AND yesterday while Sophie was at the house (she is fully potty trained and goes to the bathroom on her own) Bug also wanted to go potty like a big girl and once out of the numerous times she tried SHE WENT IN THE POTTY!!!  :O)  Yay Buggy!! 

Boo for Mondays.  I also have some other things 'weighing' me down, aside from it being Monday, and making me a little sad right now.  I will post about that soon. 

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