Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I like it, I like it not!

In the new house I have a great, big garden tub in the master bathroom.  The tub I hate.  Loath.  Despise.  It does NOT stay clean and I have to clean it out before every bath.  Even if only a day goes by.  It's lilke one big dust and dirt collector.  Grosses me out and makes me mad.  But I do enjoy a nice soak in the thing AFTER it's been scrubbed.

Ok so now on to the reason for my post.  Above the large dust and dirt collector tub, is a big oddly sized window.  The previous owners had left some cheap-o mini blinds hung there and that was all.  I left them up for a while but they just kept irritating me so I had to take them down a few weeks ago.  They were really gross and really hard to get to for cleaning.  So for a few weeks it was just a large, open window.  Now this bathroom is on the second floor and it's not like you could really see in or anything but something about a large, uncovered, blahdy blah window just isn't fun.  I have a box full of curtains and curtain rods from the old house just sitting in the garage.  So I figured I would just use something from that to cover this window.  Once I chose something (the bathroom will eventually be painted and the colors will be dark brown and light blue) and hung it up.  Because the curtain is for a normal sized window it looks a bit weird acorss the top.  I'm ok with the knot - I mean it will due rather than spending money on something new.  But I feel like the top looks over worked or something.  R-e-a-l-l-y stretched.  Either way it will do for now.  But check it out, lemme know what you think!  PLEASE BE  HONEST!! :O)



Happy Wednesday!


  1. I am all about using what you have! Looks good, although you aren't getting full coverage for the window...when you asked me the other day about the stencil, I didn't realize you had individual panes - that would be WAY easier to frost! Just get a stencil the size of the pane (or get one and cut it to size) then hang up some newspaper to cover the other panes and start spraying! Would look pretty from inside and out, with the light from the bathroom shining through the pattern. Love all the stuff you are doing to your new house! Feels good to finish stuff, doesn't it? ;D

  2. I was thinking that too. I def want to try the stencil thing. I just don't know what pattern yet or anything. I'll have to do some internet searching. I guess in the meantime this will do. But you're right, it's not total coverage and that bugs me!! I didn't even think about how it would look good both inside and from the outside!! Yes I LOVE getting stuff done. I just wish I could afford to do it all at one time - I'm so impatient with stuff like that!