Thursday, February 23, 2012

Paleo Comfort Foods - Fourth Recipe Try

Last night I made some 'fried' chicken.  Paleo style.  It was oh-so-yummy.  Pretty easy too.  I used a combo of chicken breasts and a few wings we had left over from last week's recipe try.  Both were very good.  There is a lot of seasoning that goes along with the almond meal and then you 'fry' them using coconut oil so there are lots of flavor combinations! 

{Paleo 'fried' chicken}

I also tried another recipe that I had found on Pinterest for German Chocolate Fudge.  Which really isn't fudge at all and uses very little chocolate - and NO sugar or flour!  Very good.  Kinda odd the way it all comes together, but really good.  It uses dates, cocoa, vanilla extract and some pecans.  (The recipe also calls for coconut but I left that out since I think it tastes like paper).  You just blend it all up in a food processor and then form it into balls.  I think it'd be really good to use as a crust for something - I'm just not really sure what!  The only bad thing is it really didn't make a whole lot - or maybe I just made my balls too big.  Hehehe.  Ok yea but this recipe doesn't yield a lot.  Next time maybe I'll double it. 

{German Chocolate 'Fudge' - approved by all family members} 

It's Thursday.  Almost Friday.  And I have only 6 more working days until the cruise!  yahoooooooooooooo! 

Locals - don't forget this Saturday is the North Carolina Special Olympics Polar Plunge at Wet N' Wild Emerald Pointe!  Please come out and show your support.  I'll be there freezin' for a reason!  Check out some pictures from last year's jump!  Hope to see you there! :O)

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