Saturday, February 4, 2012

Whole30 Day 27 & 28

Yesterday I ate pizza for lunch.  I said I would be brutally honest and I will.  I ate pizza, regular pizza, for lunch.  I ate is out of necessity and the fact that it was free.  I had planned on getting some lunch but when pizza was offered for free I took it out of both hunger and monetary necessity.  I won't even go into detail - because it's all excuses I know no one wants to hear - especially myself.  I'm a little po'd at myself about it anyways.  Ok so.  With that being said I'm moving on.

I won't let one slip up stop me from continuing this journey.  I've learned so much and rather than getting down on myself and letting that cause me to slip back into bad habits, I am moving forward.  Yesterday breakfast was eggs and almonds.  Lunch, well.  Moving on.  Only snacked a little for dinner because I really wasn't hungry.  (I'm sure the bloat and guilt from my slip up both played a factor in that).  

On to today.  Breakfast was the usual.  I'm probably in a rut.  I really want to try and make some primal oatmeal - it's just more expensive to buy all the nuts involved than to get lots of eggs.  So eggs it is for now!  No real lunch because Buggy is sick and clingy and it was easier to sit with her today than to try and do well, anything.  Dinner was another bun-less turkey burger with garlic cauliflower.  Yea those things are so good I wanted them again already! :O)

 {dinner - bun-less turkey burger with mustard & tomato & garlic cauliflower}

I said I did nothing today.  Bug took about a 30 minute snooze which allowed me to have a few minutes ko male some coconut almond bark from the Easy Paleo website - it seriously only took like 5 minutes to make.  This treat is for Tuesday - no cocoa on the Whole30.  So I made them up while I did have some extra minutes and will try them out on Tuesday.  I'll report on the taste verdict then.  I'm hoping they will satisfy my sweet tooth enough after Whole30 to keep me from binging on the not so good sweet stuff.

 {Coconut Almond Bark - looks yummy!}

28 days down, 2 to go!


  1. I LOVED this post- haha! You crack me up! Good for you that you didn't let a slip up knock you down.

    You are going to LOVE that Coconut Bark!!!! It's insane!!!

  2. Thank you Jennie! Gotta keep pushing on even after a little mistake!! :O) I'm super excited for tomorrow to try the bark. It'll be my before bedtime goodie!