Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Paleo Comfort Foods - Third Recipe Try

Yesterday I was having a HUGE craving for some bread.  I'm not sure why but all I wanted all day was bread.  I've been really trying to limit my intake of gluten.  Over the weekend I had some - not a TON but def more than my body was used to after Whole30 - and it wrecked my tummy.  So yesterday my tummy was all icky and gurgly and I was craving more bread.  I was trying to just get over those cravings but then I remembered there was a recipe for 'bread' in the Paleo Comfort Foods book so I tried it.  It was realy easy to throw together and only took a little while to bake.  The recipe calls for almond flour and I only had almond meal so I used that.  I also didn't have any honey which the recipe called for so I left that out.  I did put some cinnamon in the batter itself and I did a small mixture of brown sugar and cinnamon for the top.  I only used a very small amount of  brown sugar just to give it a little sweetness but accidentally poured a TON of cinnamon on it!  Luckily I am a cinnamon fan.  It turned out really good and the wole family enjoyed it.  I want to try the recipe again only actually follow the recipe and use it for a side along with dinner.  I wasn't sure if almond meal would 'rise' like regular bread and I wasn't sure what to look for.  But the recipe said 45 minutes and that is what I did and it came out perfect.  Just a little 'rising' though, not what I'm used to!  This recipe definetly satisfied my bread craving!

{basic bread loaf - with minor alterations}

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