Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Buggy Update & a Photo Dump

I know it has been a while since I've done an update on the Bug so get ready.  Mostly this one will just be in pictures.  Pictures in no particular order whatsoever!  Sorry again for my randomness.  But there are a few things I'd like to mention in her growing up process  before we get to the pictures. 

She is starting now to form complete sentences and it's more like having a conversation with her rather than just a few words here and there.  Her new word is 'because' - if you ask her anything she says "because" and if you ask her 'because, why?' she just continues with her answer of "because."  Cracks me up, really does.  She is still not sleeping in her own room or even her own bed, that is my cross to bear with her, but she eats like a champ.  She in genuinely a great kid to be around - despite a few cranky mornings and the oh so dreaded 'time to wash your hair' in the tub!  She likes to use a 'big girl' fork when she eats and will try anything at least once.  She even surprised me a few weeks ago by eating sushi - yea she didn't get THAT from me! :O)  The potty training is a slow go.  She likes to sit on the potty but nothing happens.  Just this week though she has started saying when she needs changed - so that is a step ahead for the potty training. We bought some big girl underpants this weekend too.  And she's interested for sure (she actually keeps calling them Mommy's since that's what I wear) and we will try those out in the near future.  Each night when I am writing my Whole30 blog she sneaks up and attempts to 'type' her own words.  Slyly looking at me because she knows she not allowed to touch the computer.  Adorable.  And she recently has begun recognizing things like which Disney princess is which and will tell us what movie she wants to watch.  I love watching her grow into something wonderful.  I know the path ahead with her will be windy and rocky but the journey is going to be remarkable!

Here comes the photo dump of fun:
 {I attempted to take some cute pics of her in some dresses she got recently, although not professional she's still my doll baby!}

{she loved this dress, just not so much for posing pretty in!}

{remake of the Christmas card pic}

{no girly posing for this Bug - this is typical of her demeanor - always moving & shaking}

{thank you Aunt Mel for this adorable dress from NYC - her punk rocker boots paired nicely!}

{pretty dress from Miss Laura - she loved it.  please excuse my wrinkled sheet backdrop - I tried this at the beginning just to say I tried, but never again}

{diapering station for her babies, she is a fanatic about wiping them before putting on the new diaper - she will be a good Mama one day}

{posing before school one morning, gotta love that little hip pop}

{new footie jammies from Grandma Kim}

{Thomas the Train set from Santa for Christmas}

{she found my old work boots & had them on with her footie jammies.  Ridiculously cute!}

{this was at dinner one night - and it's now the background on my computer - such pure innocence right there}

{I'm not really sure what was going on here, but this face is classic Bug, so it made the photo dump}

And we did have a few rough mornings in the last few weeks:

{"Mom - don't you dare take my picture - I will not allow it!"}

{"Can this day just be over already?"}

Happy Tuesday.  4 days until the weekend!

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