Thursday, January 19, 2012

Whole30 Day 12 - and a Quick Bug Blurb

Ok first thing's first!!  Today is the first day in days weeks months as long as I can remember that I did not have to deal with a single Buggy tantrum!!!  As you know terrible 2's hit hard around 18 months and have continuously gotten worse.  I really saw no end in sight.  But today has given me hope.  From the time she woke up to the time she fell asleep there was no major (or even minor) meltdowns.  We enjoyed a pleasant morning, she let me fix her hair with something other than just a clip or a pony, and were dressed and ready to go early enough that we could even have a little 'photo shoot' - she was willing and eager to play along which is very, very rare in the wee hours of the morning.  There were no meltdowns at bath time or even while brushing out teeth.  Wow.  I'm still amazed at this day.

{showing off her outfit from Grandma Kim}
 {she was 'cheesing' so hard her eyes stayed closed!}

 {being a silly Buggy for the camera}

Now onto Whole30.  Today was another really good day.  I was away all day at the Special Olympics Kick-Off Conference in Hickory, NC and was worried about lunch.  I packed lots of snacks but wasn't really able to pack much of a lunch since I wasn't driving and had no idea where I would be or what the accommodations would be like until I got there. Lunch was provided and was actually whatever we wanted at J&S Cafeteria.  At first glance I wasn't sure if I could eat anything.  And lemme tell ya about the SCHMORGASBOARD of desserts I was faced with. I mean really ridiculous the amount of choices.  I started my way through the food and realized I could choose from lots of fruit and different kinds of salads. The only grilled meat they had was a grilled chicken sandwich, so I got that and took off the bread.  There was only one type of veggie that didn't involve breading or cheese so of course that is what I chose - green beans.  Although I cannot verify how they were cooked I feel like I did a really good job making choices in a relatively tough situation.

 {lunch - grilled chicken sandwich sans bun, spinach salad with salt & pepper dressing (there was tomato and hard boiled egg in the salad too although you can't see them in the pic), green beans & pineapple}

Oops, I skipped breakfast again.  Eggs and almonds.  Yup.  Ok, moving on.....

I snacked during the afternoon on almonds and raisins and felt really full from about 3p on.  Even when sitting down for dinner I wasn't really hungry.  So I just nibbled a few bites of dinner until I was satisfied.  

 {dinner - grilled chicken, broccoli & a tangelo - i probably ate half of what you see on my plate}

I sat down tonight to make my grocery list for the upcoming week and realized I have not been inside a WalMart since a week or so before starting Whole30.  There just really hasn't been a real reason to go in there.  Lowe's Foods, Aldi and the Farmer's Market have been perfect for food and Target works for the non-food items.  No wonder there has been a lot more peace in my life - it's been WalMart FREE!!!!

12 days down, 18 to go!


  1. Way to go, Emma! I know that makes a difference when the kiddos are on their best behavior. :)

    And good for mommy too! Good choices at lunch - I'm so proud of you! You are doing great!

    (and nice plating with the tangelo, by the way, haha!)

  2. Awesome!!! So glad to hear that you're having consecutive good days!! See? Keeps getting better!!!