Monday, January 16, 2012

Whole30 Day 9

Today was another average day and for that I am glad!  No cravings too strong I couldn't overcome (even when Bug was eating M&M's, I'm so proud of myself!)  I was a bit worried since today I didn't have work and would be home all day without the structure of my usual schedule.  But I did it!  Go me!  So no breakfast picture, eggs and almonds again.  They're just so easy and so good!  I crave them in the mornings.  Then Bug and I didn't really do lunch.  We got involved in our craft project (see below) and just kinda snacked for lunch.  We had lots of fruit, almonds, dried apples and these things:

 {I *heart* Aldi}

I found these yesterday while at Aldi.  I love Aldi and especially the Fit & Active brand.  So when I saw these I checked the ingredients and was super happy to discover they were Whole30 approved.  They even had beet juice for color instead of some nasty dye.  Yea I was pretty excited about my discovery.  Oh and when I had my first one today I was even more excited to discover they are very sweet and 'candy' like.  Def good for when the cravings creep up!

Since I was home today I figured I'd make some easy chicken in the crock pot that would also equal leftovers.  (I love the crock pot but since we are gone for 10+  hours during the day it's really hard to find recipes that won't over cook in that time).  So that cooked all day making the house smell very yummy.  The smell made me think of my grandma, which in turn made me think of her dumplings.  And then I had to overcome my first non-chocolate or sweet craving (those are my real weakness, the other things I'm pretty good with).  It's a good thing I didn't have the ingredients to make them!  

 {dinner - crock pot chicken, broccoli & a banana}

I definitely pigged out at dinner to make up for the poor 'lunch' I had.  I ate more than is in the picture.  It was so daggone good.  I love when chicken gets flaky like that.  Just melts in your mouth.

9 days down, 21 to go! 

Now on to some non-Whole30 fun.  Today was also Mommy and Buggy day.  Although the school was open, since I had the day off from work I chose to stay home with Bug and have some quality time.  The days are so few when it's just the two of us.  Since I like to keep her occupied and learning new things as much as possible I planned a craft that would help her with counting (we counted the measuring cups as we measured out ingredients) and also her motor skills.  We had to knead the dough for this project for 15 minutes and also had to roll it out flat!  She loved it!  And the best part was after we rolled out the dough and I put it on cookie sheets and then put the cookie sheets on the floor for her to step on!  She looked at me like I was crazy when I told her to do it.  Gotta love those moments.

 {salt dough - nice & smooth after lots of kneading}

{Buggy feet prints in giant hearts of salt dough}

{my favorite project of the day, Buggy hand print inside a Mommy hand print}

These are currently hardening more after baking in the kitchen.  Once they are completely dried we'll finish them by painting a little poem on the back and adding some 'sparkle' to the front.  Then we can add some ribbon through the holes and they can be hung.  These will more than likely become gifts for some special people so I won't post pics of the finished project until the gifts have been given.  
 {this Bug never runs out of energy!}

Although I got nothing done at the house today and Bug never did take a nap so I could enjoy a few minutes of reading - and how she is currently jumping around on the bed with no nap I will never understand, if only I had a quarter of her energy - we had a great day!  Days like this really make me wish I could be home more with Bug.  I cannot see myself staying home full time, I don't think it would suit me or the Buglet, but I would really like the opportunity to work part time and stay home part time.  I think I would be happier at least.  So in my daily prayers that is usually a constant.  Maybe one day...... 

So with that being said, it's back to work tomorrow.  Bring it on!

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