Friday, January 13, 2012

Whole30 Day 6

Today was a completely good Paleo day.  All went well and for the first time since Day 1 I haven't felt hungry.  I did have some chocolate cravings - Friday's pre-Whole30 were kind of my cheat days for bad stuff.  I'd usually have a pop and maybe some kind of candy.  Kind of a good way to start the weekend.  But not today.  I pushed through those craving by having a cup of tea and some almonds.  Much better all around.

So for breakfast today I finally got to try some of the pesto chicken that was on the menu for Wednesday night, Thursday night Friday morning.  It went very well with some eggs and almonds.

 {breakfast - eggs with salsa verde, almonds and pesto chicken (finally)}

I munched most of the morning on almonds and raisins.  My favorite Paleo flavor combination, so far.  Then for lunch I had a salad.  I'm really enjoying making salads and dressing and experimenting.  

 {lunch - salad with grilled chicken, baby tomatoes, carrots, cucumber and homemade dijon mustard dressing}

My afternoon snack today was an apple pie Lara bar.  I think I like the apple pie better than the cherry pie.  Mostly because of the cinnamon.  I love anything cinnamon - smell and taste.  Now I'm out of Lara bars (insert sad face) so I must get a few more.

So the big deal of the day is what I ate for dinner - pork chops and zucchini.   The reason this is a big deal is because I haven't had a pork chop in AGES.  Since the days of my parents making me try one and at the smart age of maybe 7 I decided I didn't like it, and haven't had one since.  Until tonight.  It was pretty good.  Much like chicken.  

 {dinner - pork chop with Italian, salt, pepper & red pepper seasoning and sauteed zucchini}

And one more monumental occasion for me happened tonight - I attempted for the first time to make something homemade, aside from salad dressing.  I made some homemade guacamole for dipping veggies in and topping salads and meats.  It turned out really really yummy!  Who knew I had it in me.  My plans for the weekend include a lot of Paleo recipe experimentation.  Since I have such limited time during the week after work I try to keep things really simple, but on the weekends I can try things a bit more time consuming.  So I'm feeling very good about things and ready to try even more new foods. Here's to a great weekend of great eating!! :O)

{mmm, mmm, good.  fresh, homemade guacamole}

 6 down, 24 to go!!

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  1. YAY!!! Good for you!! So glad you haven't felt as hungry. Your plates look MUCH more substantial in this post, so you're probably eating closer to amounts you should be eating! This will definitely help you feel better! The great thing about these foods is that they will not make you fat. Eat until you're full WHENEVER you feel hungry. Your body just needs nourishment! Actually, not eating enough can make you retain weight... your body will edge into survival mode, and will try to hold on to whatever it can. It's how we were designed to function and survive during times of food shortage!

    So have fun cooking this weekend!! Can't wait to hear about all that you make!!