Sunday, January 22, 2012

Whole30 Day 15

Much better day today.  Started out with eggs and a banana for breakfast.  No surprise there.  Then about mid morning I got a bit hungry so I snacked on some almonds and raisins.  I had also found some sweet potato chips while grocery shopping at Aldi *I LOVE Aldi, I'm telling you if you don't shop there you should at least give it a try, save some money and find some awesome foods* that only had natural ingredients.  So of course since I could eat them, in the cart they went.  While having this mid-morning snack these chips were opened for a taste.  Let's just say that they were so good between the three of us in the house we just may have eaten an entire bag.  Yep.  Really, really good.  Plain and with salsa.  Both good.  I went out and bought another bag so that when my avocados are ready I can make some guacamole and try them with that.  I'm thinking they'll still be good!  Just a hunch!

{thank you Aldi for being so awesome, and only $1.99/bag, when you don't eat a whole bag at once that's a pretty affordable snack}

Because I snacked on so much, I really didn't do anything official for lunch.  Just a little bit more snacking.  For dinner I made some walnut crusted dijon chicken.  I had seen a similar recipe in Everyday Paleo for pecan crusted chicken.  Since walnuts were cheaper (Aldi again, big bag $3) I chose walnuts instead.  And the recipe called for spicy brown mustard and honey.  I left out the honey for Whole30 and used the Dijon mustard I already had in the fridge.  Then I covered the chicken breasts in the mustard then covered that with the walnuts - oh I had crushed the walnuts into smaller pieces using my handy rolling pin and a Ziploc bag.  You're supposed to put them in a food processor, I was just too lazy for that.  So it wasn't a fine crush, our chicken had some crunch to it.  I will definitely make this again.  Really, really good.  Really, really juicy.

{dinner - walnut crusted Dijon chicken with green beans & strawberries}

This dinner really filled me up.  I still feel full.  Yep it's gonna be lunch tomorrow.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it!! :O)

On another, yet similar note, I saw two friends this weekend who I haven't seen in a few weeks and they both made comments that I looked like I had lost weight.  My intention with this isn't to lose weight and only to feel better so l have been being extra cautious to be sure I'm eating enough and not losing too much.  

15, 15 - on the down slide now!


  1. AWESOME!! We LOVE that dijon chicken recipe...

    And I have got to go check out the Aldi options! Good to know!!


  2. YAY! So glad yesterday was a good day for you. :) And thanks for the sweet potato chip tip - they are yummy!