Sunday, January 15, 2012

Whole30 Day 8

We'll call this day average.  I only had to make a quick trip to Aldi so not too many outside temptations.  I wanted some chocolate, like usual, but instead ate some of the baked apple bites I made yesterday.  Those things are yummy and very sweet.

  {finished product - baked apples}

For breakfast I went back to my old standby of eggs.  I just ate them plain today - sometimes plain is the best way to go.  And because I woke up thinking about those yummy sauteed onions from last night, I had some of those too.  And a tangelo.  Good breakfast I must say.

 {breakfast - scrambled eggs, sauteed onions & a tangelo}

Mid morning I had a smoothie with pretty much all kinds of fruit in in, coconut milk and ice.  It was super yummy. Even more so since I could enjoy it while cuddled up on the couch with Buggy.  

Since I have more time on the weekends, for lunch I wanted to try and make some chicken fingers.  I've done this before but only ever with flour or bread crumbs. This time I tried almond meal.  Since I've never used it before I wasn't sure  how they would turn out.   I seasoned the almond meal with salt, pepper and a bit of Italian seasoning then cut up chicken  breasts in finger like pieces and coated them with the mixture.  I never use an egg for breading chicken so I didn't in this case either.  Then I plopped them into a skillet of hot coconut oil and cooked them on each side for a few minutes.  They turned out really good!  Although not super crispy like some chicken fingers can be, they were very flavorful and super juicy.  

  {lunch - 'fried' chicken fingers, fruit salad & guac with plantain chips}

{while I was making lunch I had set out the guac, plantain chips & some carrots.  Bug helped herself to the carrots and quac.  I can't help but be proud that she chose these to snack on all on her own!}

For dinner I also wanted to try something totally new (since I had time) and something I thought looked yummy.  Since I am a huge fan of Easy Paleo and have leaned on her advice very heavily, I didn't think she would steer me wrong on this recipe.  And since she made it sound so easy I was willing to try.  So Butternut Squash Lasagna made it on the menu.  So, so good!!  Definitely not what I expected.  *(Here comes an admission - the sausage I used for this recipe is not 100% Whole30 approved. However because of budget restrictions this week it's what I had to use.  And although not 100% approved, it did not contain any form or sugar - and only had a few ingredients, some however were preservatives.  I hate to have to have done that but I had to do what I had to do within our budget for the week.  And I could have done worse.  So I won't dwell on this one thing and will continue in the positive direction I have been going the last 8 days.

     {dinner - butternut squash lasagna & lots of fruit (not pictured because I ate it while the lasagna was cooking}

The best thing about today is that tomorrow is not a work day!  I so look forward to 3 day weekends, especially when my day off will be spent with the one and only Bug!  I've got a little craft project planned for us and lots and lots of playing and cuddling!  I can't wait!  Thank you 3 day weekends!

8 days down, 22 to go!

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  1. YAY!! You're doing awesome! Look at all that self-discipline... wow! I'm super-impressed. Keep going, and think positively! Think about how happy your body is that you're feeding it foods that are healthy, whole, and easy to digest. Nice!!!

    I'm so excited that you enjoyed the steak and onions too!!

    And yes- that lasagna is amazing. :)