Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Whole30 Day 11

today was a good day.  i really surprised myself at how good I actually was, see i definitely don't give myself ANY credit.  i am a safety coordinator at work and every month i attend a luncheon/training where lunch is provided.  and it's always really yummy food.  and there is always dessert. like red velvet cake, or chocolate brownies with chocolate frosting, or banana pudding.  you know the things i go weak at the knees for.  well not today!  take a look at my lunch. i chose no bread, ate no baked spaghetti and bypassed dessert!!!  holy moly mark this day on the calendar.  it was right there and i chose NOT to eat it! that really never happens.

 {lunch - grilled chicken & a salad with only salt & pepper for flavor}

{i even painstakingly removed all the cheese from the salad & brought my own drink (water) instead of partaking in the sweet tea}

oh sorry, i skipped breakfast.  can you guess????  you're right, eggs and almonds with a banana later once i got to work.  i know boring.  moving on.....

for dinner i tried the meatloaf from the Everyday Paleo book.  only i used ground turkey instead of beef.  i'm not sure if i just wasn't all that hungry or i just don't like meatloaf.  see this is the first time i've made it AND the first time i've eaten it.  just not that appealing to me.  the flavor was good but the consistency was not so much.  this is the first time trying something new with this challenge that i haven't liked - well aside from the pancakes but that i think was more something i did wrong in the recipe rather than not liking the finished product.  i do plan on trying them again.  so anyways.  meatloaf and me will not be having a relationship.  i'm sorry meatloaf - i just don't think i like you.

{dinner - meatloaf with sauteed onions & broccoli, carrots & cauliflower}

11 days behind me, 19 ahead of me!

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