Monday, January 9, 2012

Whole30 Day 2

Today was a little harder than yesterday but then got better.  I woke up feeling good and started the morning with a yummy breakfast pretty similar to what I have for breakfast most days - although this time I had just made it in advance (I will say I prefer freshly made eggs to the egg muffins though and luckily they are quick and easy to make).

{breakfast - egg muffins with spinach & hot sauce and almonds}

Today for work I had to attend Intoxilyzer re-certification which I hadn't planned on when choosing when to start the Whole30, since it would take me away from refrigerators and microwaves and therefore make sticking to the plan that much harder.  But because I wasn't sure where I would be and what restaurants would be close, I packed a salad with leftover grilled chicken from last night's dinner and an apple.  And yes I sat in the car and ate it so as not to be tempted by anything at a restaurant or even by the vending machines inside the building.   

{lunch - spinach salad with carrots, baby tomatoes, cucumbers, grilled chicken and oil & vinegar dressing with an apple}

Throughout the morning while in class I munched on some raisins, freeze dried bananas and almonds I had packed.  I loved my lunch but I was pretty hungry again by about 2p.  So for a snack I ate a Lara Bar.  Yummy!  

{thank you Lara Bar for being Paleo friendly AND a little bit sweet!}
Around this time is when things went sour.  I was really, really hungry and I started getting a wicked headache - and it came on fast and remained persistent.  One of those 'feed-me-sugar-now' type of headaches.  Which of course I couldn't do so I just struggled through.  And by struggled through I mean sat thinking only of all the things I wanted to eat and couldn't and how I was pretty much ready to give up.  I think being in class and having something to take my mind off of eating helped a lot.  I know if I was at home I would have been scouring the cupboards for something sugary and chocolatey.
By the time I got home though I needed to take something for the headache - and after it got into my system I felt a lot better.  But I also sat on the couch for a short while (as much as having a 2 year old running around will allow) and thought about chocolate and how good some would taste and how I couldn't have any.  And because I couldn't have any it's ALL i could think about. 
Dinner was pretty blah and boring but I'm still just figuring out WHAT to eat and haven't really attempted anything fancy yet.  Plus we all know I do not cook.  So experimenting is pretty difficult for me!  I'm leaning a lot on the recipes posted by Paleo pros, but even those can be a little overwhelming right now! :O)
 {dinner - grilled Italian chicken with broccoli, grapes & almonds}
**Buggy note - although she is not following strict Paleo, Bug is also eating a lot of Paleo friendly things.  She still eats her prepackaged muffins or cereal bars in the morning and has the occasional glass of milk or juice but other than that she is a Paleo kid while at home (at school things are different but since part of the daycare fee is breakfast, lunch and snacks I can't really afford to pack her different things, at least for now).  Thankfully she likes veggies and fruits A LOT.  Oh and almonds - yea she slams them like candy.  And I'm pretty ok with her eating something good for her instead of candy.**  

Now that the day is done and I sit here typing I feel really good.  Headache is gone and I've eaten only really good for me foods.  Although it's only 2 days in I already feel like I've accomplished something I honestly wasn't sure if I could! So day 2 complete - yea I'll be asleep in bed VERY soon - and I'm still alive and still excited about all the good things coming my way!  Here's looking to day 3!
 2 days down, 28 to go!!


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  1. This comment will very similar to the one I posted on Anna's recent post...

    I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! You pushed through! Sugar addictions are MEAN. But you aren't letting them direct your ife... YAY for you! Headaches are totally normal when you're breaking any addiction. It's kinda scary to find out how addicted we are to foods, huh? I went through the same thing.

    If you can, plan something REALLY yummy to make for dinner each night... something you'll look forward to eating throughout the day. That was good motivation for me to get through some of those first few days without giving up.

    The first week is TOUGH. Once you get through it, you'll start feeling amazing, and you'll have the hang of the "eating thing." I promise- it just gets easier!!!