Friday, January 20, 2012

Whole30 Day 13

well i feel really crappy and crabby right now and i really want some m&m's.  it's been kind of a cruddy day and that's what i always turn to - chocolate comfort.  for breakfast i had eggs and almonds.  then i was so busy at work that i really didn't eat any lunch.  i just snacked on almonds, raisins, baked apples, prunes and grapes.  i had packed leftover grilled chicken i just never had time to sit down and eat it.  i don't think i sat down much at all the whole day at work.  and certainly not in the afternoon.  which was good on one side because i wasn't thinking about food.  but bad on the other side because i didn't really eat.  for dinner i had some wings and a salad.  and i didn't take pictures of anything.  eh.  that's just the kind of mood i'm in.  i'm planning on going to bed soon just so a new day can begin. 

i know this *ick* feeling will pass.  i feel like i'll sleep it off.  but my new concern is the cost of maintaining the Whole30.  we've spent a lot of extra money - i think mostly because it makes you eat SO MUCH MORE, a lot more than we're used to.  i want to be able to continue on this 30 day journey but at the same time i don't want to cause the household any more financial stress.  i suppose that is a double edged sword.  so at the grocery store tonight i stocked up on fruit, veggies and meats - as much as the wallet would allow - and i'm hoping a lot of it will carry us through at least 2 weeks or so. 

i'm sorry for this bleak and bland post.  but i told you i'd tell you the good, bad and the ugly.  and i will.  today just happened to be on the uglier side of things.

13 down, 17 to go!


  1. I think I see a pattern... on days where you have good, plentiful food choices, you have a better day. When you don't have time to eat, or aren't too happy with your meals, it's been a tough day. I saw that pattern in myself during my first 30 days!

    Also, about the cost... just a little encouragement. :) it does cost a little more to eat Paleo. But think about what you're getting- HEALTHY foods. Anna and I were just talking last night about how Americans have this "idea" of how much they should be spending on food. People have tiny little grocery budgets because they can get a box of mac-n-cheese for a $2 dinner. Eating can be cheap, but it cheapens your body. I see eating healthy as an investment that may prevent hospital bills in the future (not to mention feeling CRAPPY day-to-day). And I'm willing to make sacrifices in other areas of our life (no cable, cheap cell phones, whatever it may be) so we can take better care of our bodies.

    Check out this great blog post about the cost of Paleo...

    You're doing great!!! I'm so proud of you and Anna!!!


  2. Hang in there girl, you are doing SO good! I know there are some days that are just crummy, but you have done so good so far.

    I haven't felt crummy necessarily, but kinda bored. Maybe it is the weather impacting us?

    I understand the financial burden too - I really hope all works out for you to continue because I know you will be so proud of yourself!!!