Monday, January 30, 2012

Whole30 Day 23


I dislike Mondays very much.  They always come too soon and always drag on and on.  Monday should be a day off.  If I had any power in anything I would change Mondays to a day off.  Ok so enough of my Monday rant.  Not too much going on Paleo wise.  Eggs and almonds for breakfast - weekdays that's really all I have time for.  Lunch was a salad and some fruit.  Dinner was grilled chicken, veggies and sweet potato chips with guac.  I did take a picture since I have been so slack about that lately!
{dinner - grilled chicken marinated in homemade citrus vinaigrette, veggies, sweet potato chips & guac.  looking at this picture can you tell i had been craving the chips ALL day!?}

23 down, 7 to go!!!

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