Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Whole30 Day 18

Starting around 1am this morning I started get a sick to my stomach feeling.  Somewhat nauseous.  Needless to say I was up most of the night going to and from the bathroom (luckily it's not too far) just in case I needed it.  Not fun.  And led to an extremely exhausting day.  By mid afternoon I could hardly keep my eyes open.  I also felt very thirsty while I was up - oh and I never did actually get sick - so I drank a ton of water.  When I had to get up to face the day I woke up still feeling not quite right in my tummy and also very thirsty.  So no breakfast this morning.  Just a tall glass of cold water.  I packed a nice lunch of turkey, tomato and mustard roll ups but I never ate those either.  Instead I ate some grapes, an apple and some raisins and almonds.  I just wasn't ever hungry enough or feeling right in my tummy to eat them. 

By the time I got home from work I was hungry but not hungry - I know that makes no sense but it's the best way I know how to describe it!  Shawn made some swordfish that we found this past weekend on sale at Lowe's Foods and honestly I wasn't looking forward to it at all.  I figured any kind of fish would make me nauseous again. But I did eat it - and it wasn't fishy at all, more like chicken.  But of the picture below that's all I ate, well and a few pieces of broccoli.  It's all I could get down. 

 {dinner - swordfish, broccoli & almonds}

Even now as I type I feel very ick.  And exhausted from not sleeping much at all last night, and thirsty again.  Oh and I'm FREEZING!  So although it is not even 8p I am going to bed with Buggy.  (remember that 8 o'clock bedtime?!) 
2 more days until the weekend!

18 days down, 12 to go!

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