Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Whole30 Day 10

1/3 of the way to my goal!  On this day I took no Paleo food pictures.  I had eggs and almonds for breakfast - I know, I know, big surprise right?  Lunch was leftover lasagna from Sunday night and dinner was leftover chicken from last night.  We had lots of leftovers and what better way to not waste food than to eat it!  I snacked today on almonds, raisins, prunes and some of those apples I made.  I also had a tangelo for that sweet, juicy afternoon pick me up.

As crazy as it sounds I feel like my tummy almost deflated today.  Yesterday there was a lot of what we'll call 'flub' and now today it doesn't seem to be there.  Yes, I may be delusional, I realize this.  I'm just simply stating the way I feel!  Haha.  I'm still going without any headaches too.  That to me has been the most amazing part of this process.  I have gone from having a headache everyday to not having one in 8 days (since the initial 'give me sugar now' headache on Day 2.  I feel pretty energetic and have been completing my workouts and feeling really good afterwards.  And where I used to be extremely hungry after a work out, now I feel good and can actually take time to heat up my food instead of just inhaling it!

The next 2 days will prove challenging.  I will be away from work, well the comfort of my office, for 2 days for lunch.  Tomorrow I know what is for lunch, because I am on the committee that plans the meetings and the lunches, so I will be perfectly fine so long as I stay away from the bread and the dessert.  I will also be back at my desk after lunch and can eat something I have packed. Thursday I will be traveling to Hickory to the Special Olympics Kick-Off Conference and I have no idea what kind of food choices will come by way.  I plan to come stocked full of yummy snacks to get me through the day, just in case there isn't any food offered that I can eat. I tried to plan my Whole30 during a time when not much was going on to tempt me.  However, I feel this temptation is good.  It forces me to make choices I wouldn't normally make.  It also forces me to hold myself accountable in a room full of people.  Peer pressure and all.  This will be good for me and I know I will succeed!

10 days down, 20 to go!


  1. I LOVE THIS POST!!! So excited to hear some great results!!! It just keeps getting better! ENJOY!!!!!


  2. Thank you Jennie! You def keep me going - you are such an inspiration. Thank you for reading and all of your support!

  3. You are doing so great, girl! I am so proud of you! Way to plan out when you know you might run into trouble. You are doing awesome!