Sunday, January 8, 2012

Whole30 Day 1

Well I must say it hasn't been easy.  When I found myself hungry I immediately wanted something to 'snack' on like M&M's or cookies. Or even a cup of hot cocoa or a cup of coffee with my go-to yummy flavored creamer.  And this afternoon we hit up Costco and took Bug to Build-A-Bear and it never fails when I am out running errands I crave a pop (soda for the southerners!).  Of course none of these are ok for Whole30.  I really don't think it's the fact that I want these things I've just trained my body to crave them (and have always given in to those cravings) at certain times or when doing certain things.  Time for some serious re-training.  I'm definitely NOT a cook and I'm really not good with thinking of new ways to cook food.  But like I said I would, I will post what I've eaten - although it may get repetitive until I do some learning, which I fully plan to do throughout this process - to keep myself accountable throughout the next 30 29 days.

 {while making breakfast i took the time to also make some egg muffins (egg, spinach, bacon) to have for breakfast throughout the week - Bug was the official 'egg scrambler'}

 {breakfast was pretty typical for a weekend day, scrambled spinach eggs topped with salsa verde and bacon - only thing missing was my normal cup of coffee - and i wanted to try using coconut milk instead of creamer but i just never got around to it - maybe next weekend!}

{lunch - grilled chicken and broccoli}

{smoothie snack - banana, strawberries, coconut milk, ice and a bit of cinnamon - i never would have thought to add the cinnamon and it makes it so good, thank you Jennie from Easy Paleo!}

{dinner - spicy shredded chicken topped with salsa verde with banana, grapes and a few almonds}

So to be honest dinner was definitely a bomb. The plan was to have chicken quesadillas minus the tortilla and cheese.  Normally the taco seasoning packet from the store mixed with the chicken makes for a great quesadilla - however reading the ingredients of that packet was horrifying.  I thought it would  be fine to use - not so much.  Amazing how many things were unpronounceable in that packet and how much corn product was in it.  So...... a search through the spices in the cupboard also came up short.  Very few were actually ok.  So what was planned ended up a big trial and error.  And because of those set backs I didn't even make a real side.  Hence the fruit and almonds.  I guess my lesson learned today is that even the best laid plans can fail and I need to learn to go with the flow!  Not so easy for me!  I also did some snacking on almonds and freeze dried mango in the afternoon - freeze dried fruit will definitely be my go-to thing for when I'm craving something sweet.  It's so yummy - and surprisingly astronaut food-like, which I always liked! 

*and a side note - I usually have something sweet before bed, so as I sit here typing this I'm thinking of something sweet.  Arggggh!  I think I'll just go to sleep so I cannot think of sweet, chocolatey goodness and will have a clear head in the morning! *
1 day down, 29 to go!! :o)

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  1. Great job!!!! It gets easier and easier... not just that, but your skin will be more clear, your head will be less foggy, your tummy will be flatter, and you will feel SO much better!! Keep going!

    PS: where in the world did you find preservative/sugar-free bacon?? I have looked EVERYWHERE!