Monday, January 23, 2012

Whole30 Day 16

Not too much to say today.  I'm really not feeling it at all.  And we may have another unexpected financial situation we have to take care of.  So...I'm def bumming.  I'm doing my best not to give in and get a Coke.  Really doing my best, and it's really hard.  It's been a pretty cruddy day - tough times with the Bug, possibly got frost bite in my toes this morning out at the range, coming home to Addison limping from some random little injury - things keep hitting me.  And when things hit me I have a Coke - or a root beer, mmmm root beer!

No pictures today because I didn't really eat anything too exciting.  Breakfast was eggs and almonds, lunch was left over chicken from last night's dinner and dinner was pork chops and sweet potato chips and guacamole.  But to be honest I only ate one bite of pork chop.  I wasn't really hungry and didn't want what we were having.  I tend to do that every now and then regardless so I'm used to it.  And I'm still not very hungry.  I'm sure I'll be ready for extra eggs in the morning though! :O)

Nothing else to report for the day.    Bleck, bleck Monday.

16 down, 14 to go.


  1. I'm feeling ya, girl. I really think the weather has so much to do with our moods! I would love for the sun to come out!

    Keep hanging in there, we are over the halfway point!

  2. very true. since i was so cold yesterday i just wanted some hot cocoa!! we are def almost there - we've done so good!!