Friday, January 27, 2012

Buggy you're turning into a blueberry!!!!

oh no no i am not.  i slept from about 6:30p until moy usual 5:00a this morning and woke up feeling like a new person!  although i still don't feel extremely hungry, i was able to eat my usual egg and almonds this morning - Buggy wanted to share with me though so i maybe only ate 1/2 of an egg.  but better than yesterday for sure!

so in my not feeling well, icky, can't wat any food mood the last 2 days i forgot to mention a cute buggy-ism that occurred.  wednesday after i picked her up at school we stopped at Aldi to grab some fruit for the girls night i didn't get to attend.  :O(  i grabbed oranges, strawberries, apples, blueberries and 2 pineapples.  and lemme tell ya - the strawberries and pineapples were only 99 cents each!  thank you again Aldi for being so awesome to my budget!  ok now Bug was riding in the back of the cart and started munching on the blueberries.  then we checked out.  she wouldn't give up the blueberries.  then i'm putting the groceries in the back of the car and she said she wanted to have them with her.  so in the carseat they go with her (i know scary right, thinking of the stains that could have happened with blueberries inside the car in the control of a 2 year old!)

so as we are driving she is still munching.  i joking said - well dang looks like you're going to turn into a blueberry.  funny thing is about 5 minutes later she's saying 'all gone mommy' and handing me up the empty container of blueberries!  

picture proof:
{don't worry, we were stopped at a stop sign when i took this!}



  1. Hi Michelle! Please email Sharon at your name and address (and that your from the OurLittleBubble giveaway) and she will send you out your sample of cleaner. btw.. have I commented lately just how cute yr daughter is?!? :)

  2. yay!! i'm so excited! can't wait to try it out. thank you, thank you! she's def a piece of work! thank you for your kind words. she gives me a run for my money - although i bet with 4 boys you know that all too well!! hope all is well with everyone - shawn says hey to john! :O)