Sunday, January 29, 2012

Whole30 Day 22

Today was just so so.  I'm really craving some pizza.  Good old fashioned cheesy, greasy pizza.  Even before Whole30 pizza wasn't on the menu very often.  Because I know it is truly terrible for you.  Every now and then we indulge though.  Other than that craving I did ok.  Eggs and some fruit for breakfast.  And the rest of the day I mostly just snacked.

I spent ALL day painting Buggy's room, painting a few items to go in her room and patching the 1,000's of holes (this is NOT an exaggeration!)  The previous owners must have been picture/shelf hanging happy because there were seriously 1,000's of holes to patch - and that was just in Bug's room.  I can't even begin to describe the playroom where there are about double that!  But needless to say when I get in the zone of getting things done I tend not to stop to eat anything that takes a lot of time.  So just mostly snacking.

Go figure since I was bragging a few posts back about not having any headaches that I go ahead and get one today. It is possible though that I may just have inhaled too many paint fumes and that is where the headache originated from.  I still have it now although it's not quite as bad as it was earlier.  I'm not going to take anything for it unless it gets REALLY bad.  I want to see if it's just the paint or maybe my streak of no headaches is over.  We shall see.

Onto another work week.  Blech.  I hate that Mondays come back so quickly.  I have too much to do at home right now to be bothered with work.  Seriously.

22 down, 8 to go!

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